Food Networks Robert Irvine to Test Skill of Drexels Culinary Arts Students in Cook-off Challenge

Food Network’s Robert Irvine to Test Skill of Drexel’s Culinary Arts Students in Cook-off Challenge
What/Who: Chef Robert Irvine, host of Food Network’s hit show Dinner: Impossible, will cook with Drexel University’s culinary arts students as part of the“Chefs’ Workshop” course designed to provide culinary arts students with exposure to the varied styles and philosophies of industry professionals.Chef Irvine will conduct the class in a manner similar to his show in which he and his team face a variety of culinary challenges and use their creativity to create a delectable meal within a limited amount of time. Irvine and students will perform a walk-through of the food inventory at the University’s student-operated restaurant, The Academic Bistro, and plan a menu based on product availability, time allotted and the students’ skill levels. The students will execute the preparation, production and final presentations for critique by the chef, classmates and themselves. Visuals: Irvine and students performing the walk-through… heating up the stove and grill, chopping vegetables… pots atop stoves, students displaying their cooked meals on plates.When: Monday, February 4, 2008, from noon to 4 p.m. Where: The Academic Bistro, sixth floor, Drexel’s Academic Building (33rd and Arch streets)Background: Along with hosting Dinner: Impossible, Irvine has served as chef for Great Britain's royal family and executive chef for Donald Trump's Taj Mahal and Caesar's Casino Hotel. He is currently an independent culinary agent, president and founder of Irvine Thyme, LLC. He published his first co-authored cookbook, Mission: Cook! in September 2007. News Media Contact: Niki Gianakaris, Assistant Director, Drexel News Bureau 215-895-6741, 215-778-7752 (cell) or