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The Office of Assessment, Accreditation and Effectiveness is offering 14 workshops this year on topics ranging from Developing or Refining Course Level Outcomes to Direct Assessment of Program Level Outcomes and Course Level Outcomes.

These workshop offerings are available upon demand to all programs/departments, schools and colleges.  They will be scheduled upon request.  Please allow 2-3 weeks of planning time upon request of workshop.

To schedule a workshop or a series of workshops, please contact Joe Hawk, Director of Operations for the Office of Assessment, Accreditation and Effectiveness at If you have any suggestions for future workshops or wish to comment on current offerings please feel free to contact Steve DiPietro, Associate Vice Provost at

Assessment Workshops [PDF]

Assessment Basics

These workshops deal with the basics of assessment including creating course level outcomes and developing rubrics

View Assessment Basics

Direct Assessment and Curriculum Mapping

These workshops present essential planning skills including curriculum mapping and the direct assessment of program level outcomes.

View Direct Assessment and Curriculum Mapping

Advanced Assessment Strategies

These workshops are a little more advanced including designing a multi-year assessment plan and assessing co-curricular experiences.

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