Psychology Licensure Certification

The Clinical Psychology PhD Program in the Department of Psychology at Drexel University (referred to as “our Program”) makes every effort to provide education that is compliant with national standards and to prepare students to practice clinical psychology. As recognition of our compliance with national standards, our Program is accredited by the American Psychological Association. The practice of psychology, however, is regulated at the state level. State licensing authorities, commonly referred to as “State Boards,” determine the specific educational and training requirements for licensure in their State. Of note, many States require post-doctoral training as well as examinations beyond educational and training requirements. As such, a PhD degree from our Program in Clinical Psychology is not sufficient, in and of itself, to meet licensure requirements in most states.

If you are planning to pursue professional licensure or certification, it is strongly recommended that you contact the appropriate licensing entity in the state for which you are seeking licensure or certification to obtain information and guidance regarding licensure or certification requirements before beginning an academic program. Given that State requirements for licensure or certification vary and may change over time it is also strongly recommended that you review licensing or certification requirements as you get closer to seeking licensure or certification. You are encouraged to review the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards’ online tool, PsyBook, which summarizes requirements for most states and territories. You are also encouraged to directly confirm state licensing requirements directly with the state they are interested in seeking licensure or certification.

Drexel University, to the best of its ability, determined that the curriculum offered by our Program meets the educational requirements for licensure or certification to practice psychology in each of the States listed in Table 1. For States in which the Program’s educational offerings do not meet a specific State’s requirements for licensure or certification, students may be required to obtain alternate, different, or more courses, or more experiential or clinical hours required. These findings are accurate, to the best of our ability, as of Summer, 2020.

Psychology Licensure Information [PDF]