A slide from the "Towards an Anti-Racist University" roundtable presentation. Recap: Towards an Anti-Racist University Virtual Roundtable
Senior leaders discussed the University’s anti-racism efforts from the past year, including updates from the work of the Anti-Racism Task Force, with faculty and professional staff at an online event.
Urban Health Collaborative Launches COVID-19 Data Dashboard Drexel’s Urban Health Collaborative Launches COVID-19 Data Dashboard on Vaccination Disparities
The Urban Health Collaborative, housed in Drexel University’s Dornsife School of Public Health, recently published its “COVID-19 Health Inequities in Cities” dashboard – which exposes deeply intrenched inequities in cities across the United States through the lens of comprehensive data on COVID-19 outcomes. Unlike other COVID-19 dashboards that look at data at broader scales, the Drexel website offers data on inequities at the individual (racial/ethnic disparities), neighborhood (using zip code and social vulnerability measures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), and city (characteristics such as overcrowding, health infrastructure, etc.) levels on COVID-19 outcomes including vaccination rates.
21CP Review Cover Toward a New Vision of Public Safety, Community Well-Being, and Policing at Drexel
21CP Solutions has now completed its work, and the University is sharing the full, 98-page report [PDF] with the University community.