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About Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture


The mission of the Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture (EIC) is to lead and promote Drexel’s equity and inclusion imperative with integrity, trust and respect that is grounded in accountability and courageous self-examination. We cultivate a culture of belonging by working in partnership with members of the University community to integrate diversity and inclusion throughout the organization, in our efforts to maintain a people-centered, welcoming and accessible campus. We strive to develop inclusive culture-builders to foster dialogue across differences and to inspire holistic learning and growth.


For Drexel to be the premier university for diversity and equity, where everyone performs their best work and thrives because they have a sense of belonging.

Guiding Principles

To sustain an indelibly positive impact, EIC adopts the following guiding principles:

  • Courageous self-examination and thought leadership
  • Organizational strategic drivers and visionaries for diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB)
  • Transparency in our policies, processes and procedures
  • Consistent commitment to providing excellent humanistic service
  • Promotion of an environment that prioritizes wellness and self-care

Contact Information

Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture
James E. Marks Intercultural Center
3225 Arch Street, Suite 011
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215.895.1405
Fax: 215.895.1268
Email: eic@drexel.edu

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