Discrimination, Harassment and Bias Incident Prevention Policy


Our University’s founder, Anthony J. Drexel, was committed to providing a welcoming, inclusive and respectful educational environment for all students, regardless of religion, race, gender or socioeconomic status. Such an environment helps strengthen our ability to live and work in a diverse and global environment. Drexel considers acts of discrimination, harassment and bias to be unacceptable and counter to its core mission and values. At the same time, freedom of expression and the right to disagree are fundamental to the educational experience and culture of our University. Nothing in this policy should be regarded as suppressing such intellectual freedom so long as any disagreements, arguments and/or debates are conducted in an atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect.

Drexel University seeks to foster an inclusive and healthy educational and work environment based on trust and respect. The University prohibits harassment, discrimination, retaliation and bias incidents in any form, including, but not limited to, those based upon race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, status as a veteran, socioeconomic status, and/or any characteristic prohibited by law (i.e., creed, marital status, citizenship status, etc). (collectively referred to as “Protected Category/ies”). See the Sexual Harassment and Misconduct Policy (EIC-3) for the University’s policy and procedures regarding reporting, review, investigation and resolution of all Title IX related discrimination concerns against students, professional staff, and faculty members.

Drexel University is committed to promoting tolerance in all forms, including tolerating the speech of those who disagree with the position of another individual, group or authority and expects such disagreement to be expressed in a manner that is respectful and tolerant. The University encourages any individual who believes they have been affected by Discrimination, Harassment or a Bias Incident to immediately report the incident or incidents giving rise to such concerns to the Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture. For emergencies, the University encourages all individuals to call 911 or the Drexel University Public Safety Department at 215.895.2222.

The University will respond promptly and equitably to all allegations of Discrimination, Harassment or Bias Incidents based on a Protected Category (as described above) and will take all appropriate steps to end the Discrimination, Harassment or Bias Incident, prevent its recurrence and address its effects. The University provides support options and resources to students, faculty and professional staff to address concerns covered under this Policy.

The University will provide interim measures to address individual safety and well-being, provide an adequate and reliable investigation, fair adjudicatory and resolution processes, and take remedial and corrective action if and when it is determined that a violation of this policy has occurred. At each of these stages, the University is committed to maintaining fairness for all parties and to balancing the needs and interests of the individuals involved with the safety and well-being of the community as a whole.

Retaliation in any form will not be tolerated against an individual who makes a report with the University or participates in an investigation of any such report.

This policy is for the prevention and remediation of Discrimination, Harassment and Bias Incidents and any claim against an individual has the potential to cause serious harm to that individual’s status and/or reputation. It is therefore expected that all reports of such incidents will be as accurate as possible and made in good faith. Should it be determined that the Complainant acted out of malice or in bad faith, appropriate remedial actions will be taken.

The University adheres to all federal, state and local requirements for intervention, crime reporting, and privacy provisions related to Discrimination, Harassment and Bias Incidents.


Procedures Associated With This Policy