Cash Deposit Procedure

All Drexel University cash, check, and credit card receipts (other than patient deposits, gifts, donations and research grants/contracts) must be promptly deposited at a University Cashier's Office located at the following locations:

  • University City Campus, Main Building, 3141 Chestnut Street, 1st Floor
  • Center City Campus, New College Building, 245 N. 15th Street, 1st Floor
  • Queen Lane Campus, 2900 Queen Lane, Ground Level

Gift solicitations and deposits must be coordinated through the Office of Institutional Advancement in accordance with the Policy and Procedures for Processing Philanthropic Gifts.

Payments related to sponsored grants and projects must be coordinated through Research Accounting Services using the Cash Receipt Procedure.

All deposits must be accompanied by a Cash Receipt Deposit Voucher Form. The original signed form and one copy must be submitted with all deposits. This form can be completed online or downloaded from the Office of the Comptroller Forms page. The following information must be included on the form: date of deposit; check number; description/reason for deposit; fund, organization (org) and account number; amount; and code for cash, check or credit card payments.

Use the Cash Receipt Deposit Voucher Form to deposit:

  • Expense reimbursements
  • Student activity receipts
  • Conference, seminar, library and other fees
  • Ticket sales
  • Commissions
  • Physician contract receipts
  • Medical records receipts
  • Receipts from sales of auxiliary services to students, faculty and staff
  • Other miscellaneous receipts

Deposits not accompanied by a properly completed form will not be posted to the specified cost center until all of the required information is provided. If the form is not complete at the time of the deposit, the deposit will be posted to a suspense account by the Cashier's Office. Any deposits held in suspense can be corrected by submitting the required missing or incomplete information to the General Accounting Office, 3201 Arch Street, Suite 400 or by email to

Deposits over $1,000 must be accompanied by supporting documentation before they will be credited to the specified cost center. Supporting documentation consists of agreements, letters or other documentation from the payer. If this is not available, the depositor must submit a detailed description of the source and use of the funds. The description/reason for deposit entered on the form will enable the cost center administrator to track the transaction in Web*Finance.

Multiple deposits to the same cost center for the same reason (purpose) should be written in total on one line on the form. A detailed list of these deposits, including the sum of the deposits listed, must be attached to the form. Do not combine deposits going to different cost centers or deposits going to the same cost center for different reasons (purposes).

For more information, contact General Accounting (215.895.1442,