Report Catalog

The Office of the Comptroller office is continuously building new tools to help our community members manage their department financials. Below is a catalog of the public community reports available through Drexel’s Hyperion reporting tool. If you are a Mac user, please click on the “Get more directions” link to get directions on how to use the tool or simply click on the report name links below. If you do not have access to Hyperion, send an email to

Grant Inception-to-Date Balance

This report will display inception-to-date budget, actual and commitment (encumbrance) information on your grant. The data provided is up-to-the-minute for any grant-related funds to which you have access in Banner. There are two views in this report. The first view includes all the relevant details about the grant including: Grant #, Grant Title, Agency, Project Start and End Dates, Budget Start and End Dates, PI Name, and more. The second view summarizes the data by fund and sums by account code so you may analyze activity by account.

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Fiscal Year Comparison of Direct and Indirect Costs by Analyst and College

This report will compare your current year’s direct and indirect expenses to the previous two years by fund. The report also provides: Name of Program Administrator, College and Department Name, Fund Code.

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Inception-to-Date Grant Fund Balance as of Month and Year

This report will give you historical data on your grant’s fund(s). The report has the capability to allow you to see the available balance of grant funds to which you have access as of last month, last year or even 3 years ago. This is done by choosing the appropriate dates from the drop down menus to see your balance as of a specific month and year. The report details: Grant #, Fund #, Org #, Account #, Account Title, Budget, Actuals, Commitments, and Available Balance.

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Grant Deficit Report

The deficit report will allow you to identify any grant-related funds having deficits for which you have access to in Banner. The report will provide up-to-the-minute information. The details included in the report are: Chart, Grant #, Fund #, Fund Title, Org #, Org Title, Project Start and End Dates, Budget, Actual, Commitments, and Available Balance.

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Fiscal Year Detail Transaction

This report will show the detail transactions that occurred as of a specific fiscal period(month) and fiscal year. The details included in the report are: Doc Code, Transaction Date, Grant Title, Primary Investigator, Fund Code, Account Code, Posting Period, Fiscal year, Vendor Name, Amount, Transaction Description, Transaction Type.

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Credit Split and Indirect Cost Detail

This report provides seven sub-reports: three reports are specifically designed to provide real-time credit split data on awards and four reports provide indirect cost information. The Indirect Cost Detail report provides the indirect cost document code and its associated original document code and FOAPAL information that generated the indirect cost recovery. The report also includes pivot tables to view credits splits by PI with indirect cost amounts for a given time period.