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Finding Inspiration in the New Year

Here are five techniques to find inspiration and motivation in the New Year

January 21, 2016

Inspiration fuels entrepreneurship. It makes taking the first step to start a business possible. It keeps the wheels turning when times are tough and the future uncertain. Inspiration turns your business into your life, keeping you on track and successful. Nevertheless, for all of the things inspiration does; it does not always come easy.

While running your business you realize that inspiration comes in peaks and valleys. On certain days, ideas and motivation abound. This inspiration brings quality, creative work to your business. On days without that spark, you may feel helpless and uninspired. While inspiration can hit you out of nowhere, it is not uncontrollable. There are certain activities to help find the idea you did not know was waiting in your head. Your brain is another muscle and certain exercises bring the inspiration out of it. Here are five techniques to find inspiration and motivation in the New Year.


Take A Break

This sounds counterintuitive to your success - but it is crucial. You don't need to do any one thing in particular, you just need to take a break. Spend some time alone. A short time away from distractions can be just the refresher your mind needs. Go for a long walk, exercise, meditate - do something solitary. A break from your day-to-day pattern can unleash creativity in your subconscious. These activities clear and calm your mind, allowing much needed inspiration to break through the clutter.


Spend Time With Like-minded People

On the flip side, sometimes the best thing is to spend time with other people. Whether these are friends or like-minded entrepreneurs, different personalities offer different perspectives. A long conversation about your business will offer insights you may not have seen yourself. This information bolsters your own thoughts and feelings, setting off an inspirational spark along the way. Attend an industry trade show or conference. See what other people are doing and let their work inspire you.


Learn From Others Who Came Before You

Another great place to find inspiration is through people or companies that came before you. This could consist of researching a company that interests you - or a person's success story. Find a role model. Many industry leaders and influential people write their own blogs, offering a snapshot into their heads. Learn about their strategies, stories, and success. Apply those practices on your entrepreneurial path. Turn a role model's success into inspiration for your own.


Think About Why You Started the Business

At the beginning of your business, you were inspired. If you weren't you may not have become an entrepreneur in the first place. Why did you start your business? Did a certain problem in the world strike a chord in your psyche? Revisit the reason for creating this in the first place. If you can harness the initial inspiration behind your business, you won't lose sight of the bigger picture.


Remember Past Struggles and Success

Sometimes the best way to find motivation is to look at what you already accomplished. Many of the problems you encountered in your business lifecycle could have turned into failures. Instead you navigated through them and kept the business afloat. Keep your confidence and know that your work will come to fruition and your roadblocks will be overcome. Find inspiration in the rough patches - and the victories - from your past.

Christian Larsen, Communications, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship