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If you have questions regarding your admission to the Drexel University Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, please contact Chuck Sacco at

Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find information about important dates for each term?

The academic calendar provides information as to when classes start and end for each term including exam and break times.

Can I submit my application directly to the Close School of Entrepreneurship?

Application for admission, and all required application materials for admission should be submitted to the Admissions Office. Please do not submit application materials to the Close School. Your application will be compiled by the admissions office and made available to the college. Please submit materials by the appropriate application deadlines.

More information on applying can be obtained here: Apply 

Where can I find a list of courses available at the Close School?

The course catalog for all majors is only available online.

The catalog provides required courses for all degree programs along with course descriptions. You may view the Close School’s degree requirements, sample plan of study, faculty bios and more, here.

How large of a class can a student expect?

Our student to faculty ratio for many of our classes in the Close School is 15:1.

What is Cooperative Education at the Close School?

Cooperative education at Drexel enables full-time undergraduate students to alternate periods of classroom theory with professional experience prior to graduation. Participation in cooperative education is not required for all Close School students, but highly encouraged.

Cooperative education helps students explore and confirm their career choices. Co-op assists students in several areas of career development, including self-assessment, career exploration, and career experiences leading to full-time employment. Students develop confidence, professionalism, and a sense of purpose.

Students enrolled in the Close School have a variety of options to complete their co-ops. Students can select from the following degree options:
  • 5 year, 3 Co-op
  • 4 year, 1 Co-op
  • 4 year, no Co-op
  • 3 year, no Co-op

For examples of co-op experiences held by Close School students, please visit the Co-op Fast Facts by College page. Students have worked in various industries ranging from marketing, consulting, design, sustainability, non-profits, start-ups and more.

In addition to the traditional co-op experience, students from any major can apply to the Entrepreneurship Co-op, where you can earn $19,000 to start your own business.

For more information on the Drexel Co-op program please visit: Steinbright Career Development Center:

What is the three-year degree program?

The three-year degree in entrepreneurship and innovation offered by the Close School is rigorous and sustains all the standards of our four-year and five-year degree programs. It is a degree that is particularly appealing to the student who is determined, disciplined, and goal oriented – as we find that many entrepreneurship students are.

Students who select the three-year degree will complete eleven terms of classes, including a hands-on practicum experience. There are no co-ops for this degree option.

For further questions on the three-year degree program and to better understand the differences in our degree offerings, please contact Senior Academic Advisor, Rita Berson at

Does the Close School offer a Double-Major opportunity?

It can be challenging to double major. While it is not impossible it can be difficult and require more time to complete both degrees. You can only declare one major coming into Drexel. After you have determined that major you can have a conversation with your academic advisor about double majoring. He or she will inform you of the requirements, and what it will take to pursue a second major. Drexel has many minor available to students who wish to combine academic interests. Often times it is easier to achieve coursework in varied areas of interest by completing a minor concentration while completing your major.

What programs are available as a Minor at the Close School?

Students majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Close School are required to select a minor. Using the built-in elective credits students can pursue a minor from the variety of minors offered at Drexel University. Click the link below for available minors.

All minors at Drexel University

Students who are enrolled in a college outside of the Close School, may select one of three minors offered through the Close School:

Only undergraduate students who have successfully completed 30 credits of coursework are eligible to add a minor. Students must first meet with their academic advisor to ensure that the completion of the minor will be achieved at or before graduation.

Where can I find more information about scholarships?

More information on scholarships can be found at the following website Financial Aid Office

Are there examples of previous student companies that have launched through the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship?

Do you need to have an idea or company to join the Close School?

You do not need to have an idea or a company to join the Close School. In fact, most students who enroll in the Close School do not come in with an existing idea or a company but instead use college as a time to be curious, look at important problems and develop new ideas.

Do I need to submit additional items during the application process?

The Close School does not require additional materials during the application process. However, some programs at Drexel require a portfolio and/or writing supplement as part of the application.

Please visit the Undergraduate Admissions website for those requirements.

Does the Close School accept Transfer students?

Students are welcome to apply for transfer into any of our majors, except for the 3-year degree.

To find out which courses will transfer from your previous institution you must first apply and be offered admission into the program. If you are accepted we will be able to inform you of which courses will transfer. We do not conduct transfer credit evaluations prior to a student being accepted.

Students interested in transferring should review our transfer FAQ’s.

Transfer admission requirements can be found here.

Where can I find information about tuition at the Close School?

Tuition information can be found on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

I would like to visit, how can I do that?

To maximize your visit experience, we recommend scheduling a visit during one of our special undergraduate event dates or during the week for a daily visit where the Close School will be hosting special visit days. Please review the calendar for the dates specific to the Close School.