United Bank ATM expands the Minority-Owned Businesses Reach onto Drexel’s Campus

United Bank installed its first ATM on the University City Campus in the Daskalakis Athletic Center in November, the result of a partnership with the University.
United Bank

In 2020, when President John Fry met with United Bank of Philadelphia’s CEO, Evelyn Smalls, they discussed how Drexel could support minority-owned and managed United Bank of Philadelphia’s mission — to make United Bank of Philadelphia the ‘hometown’ bank of choice. Drexel has a strong commitment to bringing wealth and opportunity to the Philadelphia community through its business practices. Supporting minority-owned businesses is one of the University’s priorities as it fulfills its mission of civic engagement and inclusive growth. As a pathbreaking Philadelphia financial institution, United Bank is a natural partner for Drexel, with shared values of community and equity.

As CEO Smalls explained, “Our goal is to foster community development by providing quality personalized and comprehensive banking services to individuals and businesses in the Greater Philadelphia Region, with a special sensitivity to minority communities and women.”

President Fry and CEO Smalls agreed to work together to achieve their mutual goals. Their relationship has grown through collaboration and participation in community outreach events such as the City of Philadelphia’s Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week and Drexel’s Black Business Accelerator. Installing the automated teller machine (ATM) at the DAC is the latest collaboration and expands United Banks’ footprint, on Drexel’s campus and into West Philadelphia.

Smalls believes the ATM is a valuable start to connecting the community to United Bank products and services, focusing on impacting economic disparities. For Drexel, it is another opportunity for students, faculty and professional staff to learn about a Philadelphia banking leader and support economic inclusion on its campus.