Diploma Alternatives

At times, alumni need to verify their degree information without needing to wait for their diploma to be mailed or ordering a replacement diploma. There are several ways alumni can quickly access degree information without ordering a replacement diploma:

  • Official Transcript: Your official academic transcript provides all details of your academic record including major, minor, concentrations, co-op information, grades, GPA, and degree conferral. You can order an official transcript via the National Student Clearing House Transcript Ordering Center.
  • Unofficial Transcript: Current students have access to their unofficial academic transcript via their DrexelOne account. The unofficial transcript provides the same information as an official transcript.
  • Degree Verification: You can order an official degree verification via the National Student Clearing House Verification Services.
  • Order a CeDiploma: A certified electronic diploma/certificate, available for Drexel University alums graduating in spring 2022 and forward.
  • Order a Duplicate Diploma: Drexel University alums can now order one duplicate diploma per credential awarded. To order a duplicate diploma, please visit the Credential Request portal.

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