Grade Submission

Faculty members (full time & adjuncts) are responsible for reporting their grades each term via Black Board Learn (BbLearn) or BANNERWEB (accessible from DrexelOne) by the associated deadlines for each term. The preferred medium is through BbLearn. The Office of the University Registrar manages the grading processes for each term. For more information please view the Grade Reporting Policy.

Grade Reporting Policy

Faculty members (full-time & adjuncts) are responsible for reporting their grades each term via BANNERWEB (accessible from DrexelOne) in a timely manner according to class size:

  • For classes with enrollment less than 50: grades will be due 48 hours after the final exam
  • For classes with enrollment of 50 or more: grades will be due 72 hours after the final exam

Departments are responsible for facilitating the means by which faculty report grades via the web. Accordingly, faculty must be in the Human Resource database and indicated as the primary faculty of record for a course(s) in the BANNER Faculty Load module. Departments must also facilitate web access for their faculty members.

Once original grades have been reported for a course, grades submitted within an academic year should be changed through the DrexelOne Grade Change Portal. If the academic year has passed since the course was graded, a 'Change of Grade' form will need to be submitted to your academic department.  The form, with required signatures, should be submitted by the Office of the Dean of the academic department to the Office of University Registrar.

All exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the Provost.

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