Academic Standing

Undergraduate Standing

There are three (3) distinct classifications of academic standing reflected on the academic record or transcript; "Good Standing," "On Academic Probation," or "Dismissed."

Student academic standing is determined on a term basis at the close of each term, to be effective the first day of the subsequent term of study. The conditions associated with each of these classifications are described in the Academic Standing Policy for Undergraduate Students and are intended be used to guide the student in their academic planning.


An undergraduate student will be placed on academic probation when either the term or cumulative GPA falls below a certain level. Students on probation must meet with their academic advisor to develop a written academic plan and establish GPA goals. While on probation, a student must adhere to the conditions of the program of study in which they are enrolled until such time as the student is no longer classified as on academic probation. For more information, please see the Academic Standing Policy for Undergraduate Students.

Graduate Standing

Continuation in graduate studies requires satisfactory progress toward a graduate degree. Evidence of such progress includes maintenance of a minimum grade point average each term (individual departments may set standards for determining satisfactory progress). The progress of each student is reviewed each term.


Failure to maintain the minimum cumulative GPA will result in placement on probation. Any student on probation must adhere to requirements set forth in the Academic Standing Policy for Graduate Students.

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