The Environmental Collaboratory

The world is facing environmental catastrophe, and time is running out. Over the last half-century alone, our species' unsustainable way of life has initiated a sixth extinction, advanced widespread environmental degradation, and changed the climate of the entire planet. The consequences are escalating and intensifying, while the most vulnerable among us are bearing the brunt.

The Environmental Collaboratory seeks to co-fund, co-design, and co-implement replicable, transdisciplinary on-the-ground solutions with community partners that drive systemic change and align climate transition and environmental justice with the needs of our communities. The Environmental Collaboratory is centrally positioned in the Office of the Provost of Drexel University to facilitate the expertise in environmental sciences, engineering, data, law, health care, public health, policy, social sciences, and humanities and the capabilities of its faculty, researchers, staff and students.

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The Environmental Collaboratory funds projects that demonstrate strong multidisciplinary and multi-college engagements with external partners, as well as community-centered approaches to solving environmental problems. Through an inaugural research grant, seven funded projects led by Drexel faculty members incorporate strong multidisciplinary and multi-college engagements with external partners, as well as community-centered approaches to solving environmental problems. TEC is currently in the process of funding its Climate Hubs transdisciplinary grants. 

Initiatives Overview

The Environmental Collaboratory is partner to a robust network of community-based organizations, governmental and non-governmental organizations, research networks and more. Through connections with companies, we are committed to supporting the adoption of best practices with regards to corporate environmental, social and governance practices. The Environmental Collaboratory is also a host and member of several robust research networks including the Urban Climate Change Research Network, Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast, and the University Climate Change Coalition.

Affiliations and Partnerships

The Environmental Collaboratory is currently in an information-gathering phase, as its design is rooted in the needs of its stakeholders and communities. It will be hosting a series of listening sessions in the future. Please feel free to send your thoughts and suggestions to

Meet the Team

The Environmental Collaboratory at COP28

At COP28, the United Nations' 28th annual global climate meeting, The Environmental Collaboratory co-established a first-of-its-kind higher education pavilion that allowed educational leaders from 13 universities to connect and share knowledge. Together with Drexel Global and the Pennoni Honors College, it also provided funds for several students and faculty to lead sessions and attend the conference in Dubai.

Executive Director Mathy Stanislaus led sessions with the University of Botswana regarding universities authenticating natural carbon sequestration, and a separate session titled "University Assisted Community-Driven Climate Implementation Solutions."
Expo City, Dubai


Dr. Andrea Ferreira of the Ubuntu Center within the School of Public Health, presented on the intersection of gender, health, and climate adaptation from a Global South perspective. 

Dr. Franco Montalto of the College of Engineering hosted an event about how universities could collaborate through a global hub to deliver climate solutions to communities.

Outside the pavilion, Dr. Kristy Kelly of the School of Education participated in a Drexel organized official side-event entitled “Win-Win for Climate and Gender Justice and Peace: Acting on Military Spending and Emissions.”

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