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Ryan Robinsin

Ryan Robinson

Post-doctoral research fellow, Plasma Licensing Authority.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, 2018

Research Interest: Acidification of Water from Non-Equilibrium Plasma Discharges

chong liu

Chong Liu

Post-doctoral research fellow, Product Development Engineer, KLA-Tencor Corporation, Milpitas, CA

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, 2018

Research Interest: Nanosecond pulsed DBD in atmospheric air and its application in methane conversion.

Pietro Ranieri

Pietro Ranieri

Post-doctoral research fellow, Department of Nuclear Engineering North Carolina State University.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, 2018

Research Interest: Plasma Transfer Processes in Plasma-Biological Systems - Medical and Agricultural Applications

Shridhar B. Shenoy

Shridhar Shenoy

Equipment Engineer II, Micron Technology Inc., Manassas, VA.

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, 2018

Research Interest: Natural Gas Reforming using Gliding Arc Plasmatron, Dry Etch Processes for Microfabrication.

Abraham Lin

Post-doctoral fellow, University of Antwerp, Belgium

School of Biomedical Engineering; 2017

Research Interest: Induction of Immunogenic Cell Death with Non-Thermal Plasma for Cancer Immunotherapy

hyoungSup kim

Hyoungsup Kim

Research Engineer, Onvector LLC;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2016

Research Interest: Plasma Discharge in Produced Water and Its Applications to Large Scale Flow

kamau wright

Kamau Wright

Assistant Professor, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art; New York;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2015

Research Interest: application of low temperature plasma (LTP) discharges to liquids and wastewaters; plasma decomposition of carbon dioxide (CO2); fouling mitigation for heat exchangers; oxidation of organic matter in water; and inactivation of pathogens using plasmas.

Yohan Seepersad

Yohan Seepersad

Product Engineer Staff at Lam Research, Fremont, California

Electrical and Computer Engineering; 2015

Research Interest: Applied plasma physics and diagnostics, system engineering, process engineering and new product development.

Kirill Gutsol

Kirill Gutsol

Research & Development Manager, Origin, Inc., Princeton, New Jersey.

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2014

Research Interest:Thermal and nonthermal plasma reactor/device prototype design, manufacturing, characterization, and diagnostics research and development for the Origin technology.

Natalie Chernets

Post-doctoral fellow, Thomas Jefferson University;

Electrical and Computer Engineering; 2014

Research Interest: Natalie is currently working as a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Dr. Theresa A. Freeman studying application of atmospheric plasma for regeneration and development as well as the potential of the new technology for cancer therapy. Natalie is the chair of the Gordon Research Seminar 2016 in Plasma Processing Science.

Liang Wu

Columbia University in the City of New York;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2014

Research Interest: Formulated and analyzed a computational model to study the chemical kinetics of plasma discharges. Analyzed the model to identify the key mechanism based on fundamental plasma physics and chemistry.

Adam Yost

Microbiologist, Medinstill Development LLC, New Milford, Connecticut Biotechnology;

College of Medicine, 2014

Research Interest: Surgical site infection (SSI) is a major health care concern.

Nachiket Vaze

Research Scientist and Engineer in Applied Bio-medical Research;

College of Medicine, 2014

Research Interest: Biomedical Engineer interested in utilizing engineering tools in antimicrobial research.

Dion Antao

Postdoctoral Associate, Device Research Laboratory, MIT, Cambridge, MA;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2013

Research Interest: Advanced heat-exchanger design, involves the fundamental investigation of phase change phenomena for advanced heat exchanger design.

Fela Odeyemi

Senior Reliability R&D Engineer, Intel Corporation;

Electrical and Computer Engineering; 2012

Research Interest: Plasma assisted fuel conversion, tar removal and biomass conversion for synthesis gas (syngas) production. Non equilibrium plasma conversion of natural gas and low value hydrocarbons into hydrogen and carbon sub-oxides without carbon dioxide emissions. Thermodynamic and kinetic simulation of fuel and chemical reactions.

Jin Mu Jung

Assistant Professor, Chonbuk National University, South Korea;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2012

Research Interest: Participated in the basic research to improve the rheological properties of blood through plasma treatment (i.e., DBD and corona discharge).

Jacqueline Yim

ORISE Post-Doctoral Researcher, U.S. Army Research Laboratory;

Chemical & Biological Engineering; 2011

Research Interest: Participated in joint collaborations with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory and University of Delaware to enhance interfacial adhesion in fiber-reinforced polymer composites through plasma surface treatments.

Thomas Nunnally

Senior Research Engineer, ADVANCED PLASMA SOLUTIONS, Custom Solutions in Non-Thermal Plasma Technology.

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2011

Research Interest: His work there includes managing R&D projects and developing and testing new technology for the company. An experienced R&D professional with expertise in plasma physics, chemistry and engineering and a diverse background including experience in gasification, heat transfer, combustion, and catalysis.

Danil Dobrynin

Associate Research Professor, Associate Director of Applied Physics Laboratory, C. & J. Nyheim Plasma Institute of Drexel University;

Electrical and Computer Engineering; 2011

Research Interest: Focused on the fundamental and applied research of “cold” atmospheric pressure plasmas.

Rachel Sensenig

Cooper University Physician;

Surgery - Drexel University College of Medicine, 2011

Research Interest: General Surgery, Trauma Surgery & Surgical Critical Care.

Krishna Arjunan

Post doctoral research associate, University of Notre Dame.

School of Biomedical Engineering; 2011

Research Interest:  Plasma medicine, biophysics, cancer research, tissue engineering, bioengineering, plasma sterilization.

Yong Yang

Associate Professor, College of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Huazhong University of Science & Technology Wuhan, China;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2011

Research Interest: Currently he is working closely with faculties and students from the Low Temperature Plasma Laboratory at CEEE on atmospheric pressure plasmas in various media and their diagnostics.

Haider Hasan

Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, San Francisco Bay Area, UC Berkeley;

BS with Honors, MS with Thesis, Mechanical Engineering Phenomenological Estimation of Plasma Sterilization Kinetics; 2011

Research Interest: UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering PhD Student, Licensed Professional Engineer in the State of California

Michael Gallagher

Principal Research Engineer, Air Products and Chemicals, Allentown, Pennsylvania, URS Corporation;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2010

Research Interest: Developing advanced controls and sensors for oxy-fuel combustion and other chemical processes related to the primary metals & minerals and glass industries.

Sameer Kalghatgi

Director at NIIMBL | The National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals

Electrical and Computer Engineering; 2010

Research Interest: primary area of research involved investigating and understanding the interaction of non-thermal plasma with living tissue including.

Moogega Cooper

Planetary Protection Engineer within the Biotechnology and Planetary Protection Group at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2009

Research Interest: She is concerned with monitoring microorganisms to prevent forward contamination of the solar bodies we are exploring. She is also involved in technology development and experimentation necessary for a successful Mars sample return mission.

Tanvir Farouk

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering and Computing, University of South Carolina;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2009

Research Interest: High Carrier Density Fast Switching Plasma Devices, Plasma Assisted Combustion, Plasma Aided Fuel Reforming, Cool Flames, Multi component liquid droplet combustion, Surrogate Fuels for Turbine Applications, Alternative and Next Generation Fuels.

Greg Fridman


Biomedical Engineering; 2009

Research Interest: Primarily focus on research and development of non-equilibrium (“cold”) atmospheric pressure plasmas as catalysts for various industrial processes

Halim Ayan

Associate Professor, Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering; BioEngineering, University of Toledo;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2009

Research Interest: Non-equilibrium Electric Discharges, Plasma Medicine, Plasma Physics and Application.

David Staack

Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Sallie and Don Davis ’61 Career Development Professor, Director, Engineering Laboratory Instruction, Texas A&M University

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2008

Research Interest: Micro- and Nano-Scale Plasmas, Non-thermal Plasma Physics and Chemistry, Plasma Enhanced Materials Processing and Synthesis, Plasma Enhanced Fuel Conversion and Combustion, Plasma Enhanced Drilling,Plasma Sterilization.

Shailesh Gangoli

Senior Principal Research Engineer, Air Products and Chemicals;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2007

Research Interest: Lead the development and Lab testing of new generation oxy–fuel (OF) and air–oxy–fuel (AOF) burner technologies for the Metals industry – Ferrous and Non-Ferrous applications i.e. Iron & Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Lead etc.

Alex Chirokov

Quantitative Researcher at Citadel LLC, Greater New York City Area;

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics; 2005

Research Interest: Stability analysis of the atmospheric pressure plasma jet; micro-discharges in DBD Plasma.

  • Jinhan Zhu, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Thomas Borawski, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Eda Yildrim, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
  • Siddharth Vyas, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • John Alamia, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Robert Geiger, Chemical & Biological Engineering
  • Lisa Peddinghaus, Pathology