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Dornsife Center Policies

Housekeeping Checklist for Program Partners

The following is a brief housekeeping checklist to orient you to the Dornsife Center and to ensure your program or event runs smoothly: 



Ryan Hall – Restrooms are located near the front stairwells on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Carriage House – Restrooms are located on the left side of the building on the 1st and 2nd floors.

Lindy House – Restrooms are located behind the stairwell, near the kitchen on the 1st floor.


What you need to bring with you

The Dornsife Center has basic programming equipment that you can request to borrow in advance of your program. These items are: projector (VGA and USB A to B cables included in bag - please note that the USB A to B cable only works for USB 2.0 ports, so it may not be compatible with the newer PCs as most are using USB 3.0 ports now), dry erase markers, easel, and wooden podium. If you plan on using our projector, please make sure you bring your own computer along with the necessary adapter you may need if the VGA or USB A to B cables do not work for your device (ex. HDMI cord, VGA to mini-display port adapter).


Borrowing & Returning Equipment

Please arrive at the Dornsife Center 30 minutes before your program is scheduled to start to allow for time to setup and make sure everything is functioning properly. Upon arrival, please check in with the Administrative Assistant at the front desk in the Lindy House (mansion building). At that time, you will have the opportunity to sign out the projector, easel, and/or dry erase materials that you reserved for your program. If your program starts after 5pm, please pick up the materials from the guard in the Lindy House. A Dornsife Staff member will come 15 minutes before your program begins to check in with you.


To borrow our equipment (projector, dry erase markers, or other materials), we kindly ask our program partners to include this request when they fill out the space reservation form or email us in advance to ensure that we have the materials available for you to use. If you did not reserve any of our equipment in advance, you can ask the Dornsife Staff on site that night to see if you can borrow it. Please note that we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide equipment, depending on the needs of other programs simultaneously running onsite.


If you borrowed a projector, dry erase markers, or other materials, kindly return them to the receptionist area on the 1st floor of the Lindy House. For evening programming, please return these items to the guard stationed in the building where your program is being held.


If you have any questions or need help during your program, here's who you can call: 

  • Daytime programming*
    • Call our main number at (215) 571-4013 or stop by the Lindy House receptionist area on the 1st floor.
  •  Evening & Saturday programming*
    • Jada Samuel at (215) 571-4013 / or stop by the Lindy House receptionist area on the 1st floor.

*Please note these individuals are subject to change. If you are unable to contact a designated Dornsife staff member, please stop by any guard desk and they will assist you in locating him or her.


Program Partners: click here to download a copy of the Dornsife Center Rules for Use



For participants 

Side-by-Side Course Code of Conduct

  • Community students enrolled in the course must attend the course orientation.
  • Community students must make every effort to attend each class. Your presence is very important.
  • All community students will respect the contributions of fellow students to the course.
  • All community students will abide by the Code of Conduct described below, as well as follow all Rules for Use in the Dornsife Center.

Behavior that does not comport with the expectations listed below, or that violates any of the following proscribed activities or the Rules for Use in the Dornsife Center will be dealt with in accordance with the appropriate University and Dornsife Center procedures listed below.


  • Conduct that a reasonable person would view as substantially or repeatedly interfering with the normal functioning of a class, clinical setting or other setting.

Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, repeatedly leaving and entering a classroom without authorization, making loud or distracting noises, persistently speaking without being recognized, repeatedly dominating online discussion boards or forums, or resorting to physical threats or personal insults.

  • Conduct that interferes with, impairs, or obstructs the orderly conduct, processes and functions of the University or that may adversely and unreasonably impinge on the legitimate interest of others is prohibited.

Such conduct includes, but is not limited to, excessive noise, public intoxication, loud or indecent conduct, interference with the ability of others to enter, use, or exit any University facility, service, or activity, intentionally interfering with the freedom of expression or movement of others, interfering with University activity such as teaching, research, recreation, meetings, and public events, physical violence, reasonable apprehension of harm, or threat of violence against oneself or any member or guest of the University community.

  • Furthermore, all community students must comply with a request from a professor, instructor, or other official regarding appropriate behavior and all community students must adhere to the Dornsife Center Rules for Use, which are attached hereto.


  • Failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct (including the Rules for Use) may result in the following disciplinary actions determined by the action that is committed by the community student, and not necessarily in the order presented below:
  • First violation will be met with a verbal warning.
  • Second violation will be met with a written warning.
  • Third violation will result in removal from the course and/or Dornsife Center.

The University reserves the right to accelerate the steps above and take more aggressive action (including banning the person who commits the actions and/or violates the Code or Rules from the premises) where, in its sole discretion, the University believes that the conduct is serious and/or the conduct warrants more serious action (such as, where the conduct threatens the health, safety and welfare of the person or others, or the conduct involves potential criminal activity, and other serious situations).