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  • DietDash

    Weight Loss Technologies Train the Brain to Resist Temptation

    June 30, 2016

    Psychologists have designed a computer game aimed at improving users’ inhibitory control and a mobile app that combats unhealthy urges before they strike.

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  • Labidus Praedator. Photo by Dinesh Rao.

    Mountaineering Ants Use Body Heat to Warm Nests

    June 29, 2016

    Underground army ants can keep their nests — called bivouacs — warm with their body heat; this social warming may enable fragile offspring to survive in chilly mountain forests , according to Drexel University researchers.

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  • Anne-Marie Obajtek-Kirkwood, PhD

    Remembering Anne-Marie Obajtek-Kirkwood, PhD

    June 28, 2016

    It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Anne-Marie Obajtek-Kirkwood, PhD, associate professor of French and founding member of the Department of Global Studies and Modern Languages. Obajtek-Kirkwood died surrounded by her family on Sunday, June 19th.

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  • When States Come Out: Q&A with Phillip Ayoub, PhD

    June 27, 2016

    Phillip Ayoub's new book, "When States Come Out: Europe's Sexual Minorities and the Politics of Visibility", has just been published by Cambridge University Press. Ayoub's research agenda exams comparative social movements and LGBTQ politics, as well as the politics of visibility. We sat down with him to chat about "When States Come Out", the dynamics of challenging and contesting norms, and his upcoming projects.

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  • A fruit fly on a compost pile. Photo by John Tann.

    Ladykiller: Artificial Sweetener Proves Deadly for Female Flies

    June 27, 2016

    In testing multiple artificial sweeteners, a Drexel University research team found that one was particularly deadly for female fruit flies — and left males relatively untouched.

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  • A scanning electron microscope image of a diatom. Courtesy of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

    Tiny Algae Ideal for Sniffing Out Nutrient Pollution in Water

    June 24, 2016

    Tiny algae, called diatoms, living in water could be key to providing a definitive and clear measure of whether streams, rivers and lakes have damaging levels of nutrients in them.

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  • APSA logo

    Graham Wins APSA Grant & Ayoub Comments on Brexit

    June 23, 2016

    Erin Graham, PhD, was recently awarded a research grant from the American Political Science Association (APSA) and Phillip Ayoub, PhD, recently authored an article "Would Brexit Help LGBT People in Britain? Be Skeptical" for Washington Post political news blog The Monkey Cage.

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  • Cook for Life book cover

    Drexel Students And Alumni Help Cancer Survivors "Cook For Life"

    June 22, 2016

    The Drexel Food Lab and Drexel Edits have joined forces to produce a series of recipes for Cook for Your Life, an organization founded by Ann Ogden in 2007 to promote healthy cooking for cancer patients and survivors. The collaboration is led by Lawrence Souder, PhD, teaching professor of communication and director of Drexel Edits, and Jonathan Deutsch, PhD, professor of culinary arts and food science.

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  • Boren Awards logo

    Q&A With CoAS Boren-Award Winners

    June 21, 2016

    College of Arts and Sciences students Alexandra Pickens, BA international area studies ’17, and Caitlin Walczyk, BA international area studies and political science ’18, each received the 2016 David L. Boren Scholarship from the National Security Education Program. The scholarship, which provides funding to students studying abroad in areas critical to U.S. interests, sent Pickens to Jordan this May, while Walczyk heads to Kazakhstan in the fall.

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  • Dragon logo

    College of Arts and Sciences Tenure, Promotion and Awards

    June 19, 2016

    The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University could not be accomplished without the dedication and support of our faculty members. It is their pursuit of excellence in teaching, research and scholarship that reinforces our position as a modern liberal arts college, and enhances our University’s reputation as a world-class research institution.

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  • student working at chalkboard

    Fall Courses

    June 18, 2016

    Students will explore the origins of language, learn about Drexel's 125-year history, and discover the ins and outs of running a student newspaper in these fall courses.

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  • student at desk

    Student Job Opportunities

    June 17, 2016

    Need extra cash to fund your summer travels? Apply to work with the Department of Communication or the offices of STS, Public Policy and Sociology.

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  • A scan of a human brain. Photo courtesy of Sean Novak.

    Origin of a Myth: The Second Trauma Cure for Amnesia

    June 13, 2016

    A Drexel professor explains how scientists’ limited and faulty understanding of the brain hundreds of years ago gave birth to the erroneous idea that amnesia induced by a blow to the head can be cured by a second “conk.”

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  • Chris Sims

    Chris Sims Receives NSF Grant

    June 13, 2016

    Chris R. Sims, PhD, was awarded a 5 year grant ($742,736) from the National Science Foundation.

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  • Kate Hughes small

    25 Faces 25 Years: Kate Hughes

    June 12, 2016

    The road that brought Kate Hughes to Drexel extends far beyond the streets of Philadelphia. From farming in Spain and Italy, to living in South Africa during the height of the AIDS crisis, to traveling around the Americas on a retrofitted school bus, Hughes has built a diverse and detailed portfolio that includes expertise in peace studies, public health, environmental justice and community organizing. Steeped in experience and radiating a sense of calm and a reassuring confidence, Hughes is the quintessential international area studies adviser — just ask her students.

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  • Meghan Plank

    Meghan Plank Wins 1st Place in CHI 2016 Student Research Competition

    June 10, 2016

    Meghan Plank, a senior Psychology Major received 1st place in the CHI 2016 Student Research Competition.

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  • Milton Huston, and his great-grandniece, Elizabeth Peckham

    A Legacy of Paying It Forward

    June 08, 2016

    Eighty-one years ago, Marjorie Barker Gallagher graduated from Drexel thanks to the generosity of her uncle. His only request was that she promise to send someone else to college instead of paying him back. That legacy continues this year, when Marjorie’s granddaughter Elizabeth became the family’s second Drexel graduate.

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  • Left side view of the Hypophthalmus marginatus collected from the Suriname River.

    After Centuries of Confusion, Unique Bones Help Scientists Place Catfish

    June 08, 2016

    The Hypophthalmus catfish has long stumped scientists trying to explore its origins, but a pair of researchers from the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University finally believes their analysis of the fish’s backbone and unique swim bladder has solved the puzzle.

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  • Stephanie Goldstein

    Stephanie Goldstein Accepted to 2016 Health Data Exploration Summer Institute

    June 07, 2016

    Stephanie Goldstein was accepted to the 2016 Health Data Exploration Summer Institute at UCSD in San Diego.

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  • Sheller to be Distinguished Visiting Scholar at Annenberg School of Communication this Fall

    June 06, 2016

    Mimi Sheller, professor of sociology and director of the Center for Mobilities Research and Policy will be the PARGC Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Global Communication at the Annenberg School of Communication, University of Pennsylvania, in the Fall of 2016. Sheller has also been awarded...

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  • A giant panda cooling off with a block of ice. Photo by Mingxi Li.

    Pandas Don’t Like It Hot: Temperature, Not Food is Biggest Concern for Conservation

    June 06, 2016

    China’s bamboo supply is more than enough to support giant pandas after it was discovered that they have bigger appetites than originally believed, but climate change could destroy their plentiful food source anyway.

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  • James Bergey

    Jim Bergey Wins 2016 Excellence in Science, Technology and Society Prize

    June 06, 2016

    Jim Bergey, MS in science, technology and society '16, is the inaugural recipient of the 2016 Excellence in Science, Technology and Society Prize, which is presented to a STS graduate student who has demonstrated exemplary performance in research, academics and service to the STS program.

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  • Writers Room participant Jordan McCullough reads to a crowd at last year's Writers Room anthology reading. Photo courtesy Jen Britton.

    Writers Room Celebrates its Second Year With a Special Reading, Anthology Release and Art Show

    June 03, 2016

    Writers Room has created many opportunities for members of the Drexel and West Philadelphia communities to create works of art and literature since its launch last year.

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  • Drexel Graduate Student Day logo 2016

    STS Students Justin Carone and Derek Parrott Recognized at Graduate Students Day

    June 03, 2016

    Derek Parrott and Justin Carone, both MS science, technology & society '16, were honored at Drexel's 2016 Graduate Student Day. Derek Parrott won a 2016 Research Excellence Award in the Social Sciences and Justin Carone won a 2016 Outstanding Promise Award for the Social Sciences.

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  • Elizabeth Nicholls

    Elizabeth Nicholls Receives Research Excellence Award

    June 02, 2016

    Elizabeth Nicholls has been selected for the 2016 Drexel University Research Excellence Award from the Graduate College.

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  • Tapera Flack

    Tinashe Tapera and Daniel Flack Receive Awards

    June 01, 2016

    Daniel Flack, clinical doctoral student co-advised by Zoe Zhang, PhD, and Evan Forman, PhD, along with Tinashe Tapera, BS/MS student mentored by Zoe Zhang, PhD, both received awards.

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  • Drexel students mingle at this year's Graduate Student Day.

    Graduate Student Day Honors Research, Dissertations and Promise

    June 01, 2016

    Master’s and doctoral students were recognized at Graduate Student Day for their accomplishments throughout the year.

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  • Atom Diagram Drexel News Blog

    Drexel Researchers Join Team Looking for Proof of Undiscovered Subatomic Particle

    June 01, 2016

    Recently, scientists have noticed that nuclear power plants’ reactors often emit fewer sub-atomic particles than expected. A group of Drexel researchers is now part of a team that will look into whether there is a particle that exists outside of our current understanding of physics that might be accounting for that deficit.

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