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Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions in a Few Steps

January 17, 2018

It’s nearing the end of January, and you know what that means: the resolutions people swore they weren’t going to break are starting to taper off. Less people are at the gym, goals and deadlines are pushed back and the high-energy feeling the New Year brings is steadily dropping. Why does this happen?

Here’s the secret: it’s not because people are lazy or unfocused, it’s that their goals were too big of a shift from their current lives. This may come as a shock to you, as you might be used to hearing people declare, “Mind over matter!” or “You can do anything you put your mind to!”.

Unfortunately, many people treat New Year’s Resolutions as their be all, end all goals and not a lifestyle change; because more often than not, that’s what a resolution is: a decry that this is how you will live your life from now on.

Take it day by day

You may have set a goal that you would volunteer more, expand your business or be healthier. These are common New Year’s resolutions that do not have a lot in common with one another, but all have the same first step to being accomplished.

No, this is not a riddle. The first step you must realize is that goals are achieved by tackling them little by little, one day at a time. Purchase a planner and take a moment at the beginning of each week to visualize your goal, then plan what you can do during the upcoming week to get closer to actualizing it. Remember: even a small step is still a step.

Keep note of accomplishments

Be your own cheerleader! Further utilize your planner or bullet journal by keeping note of accomplishments - large or small. Jot down anything that made you feel positive or confident in your decisions, and give yourself a small reward when you reach a milestone. This will keep you motivated, track how far you have come and how much further you still have to go.

Remember that roadblocks are natural

Chances are you will pivot from your original path a few times - and that’s okay! Stay calm, measure and visualize your path at your three month, six month and one year mark since you started out on your mission to success. Review your planner, highlight key successes during that time and remember to make small, actionable goals as you continue conquering through the year.

Overall, the key to success isn’t undertaking everything all at once. It’s the small, day-to-day dedications that transform that way you think, work and view how you spend your time. Go forth equipped with your motivation and have a great 2018!


Written by Sarah Temple, Communications, Drexel University's Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship