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Top 5 Study Spots at Drexel

Swamped with Schoolwork? Try These Five Study Spots on Drexel's Campus

September 17, 2015

Finding a place to study on campus can be a hassle. On top of an already crammed workload, the stress and time spent searching adds up. Whether it is finals week, midterms, or time to catch up on homework, it can be difficult to find a suitable environment to complete your tasks. That's not the only problem students face come study time. When you finally do get that perfect spot, you might need some help. Thanks to Ethan Keiser, the founder of StudyTree LLC and Baiada Institute member, a tutor is always one click away. StudyTree is a revolutionary mobile application that partners with universities to provide tutoring service on a responsive, as-needed basis. Students learn from people who have mastered the class, and can even become tutors themselves! Many of the tutors work directly with already existing Drexel tutoring services. Here are some spots on Drexel University Campus that students love.

1) Saxbys Coffee


This Drexel student cafe favorite has everything you need to get work done. The calm coffee shop atmosphere is conducive to studying-and the coffee packs a caffeine boost if you need it. Also, the Saxbys on Drexel campus is wholly managed and run by your fellow students. When the work piles on, they can relate!

2) The Hagerty Library

Hagerty Library

The Hagerty library has it all. Maybe you are looking for a quiet spot to curl up with a textbook, or you need a common meeting place to get everyone in the group on the same page. Perhaps your laptop broke and you need a computer lab. Hagerty library has all the tools necessary to succeed in your classes. It's on you to do the work.

3) Pearlstein Building Patio

Pearlstein Building

No one wants to be cooped up inside on a beautiful day. Whether it's the first warm day of Spring or the last one in the Fall, thoughts of harsh Philadelphia winters push everyone outside while they still can be. At the Pearlstein Building Patio, you can get your work done while basking in the sun. Now what's your excuse?

4) Collaboration Rooms in LeBow College


If you are at the point where you cannot risk spending time looking for a room, make a reservation in one of the collaboration rooms found in LeBow College. In each of the 19 different rooms there is a large LCD screen to share your work. The easy scheduling system online makes visiting these rooms a must for anyone that needs to complete assignments.

5) Ross Commons

Ross Commons

The historic Ross Commons contains all of the facilities needed to study, and even more for when you need a study break. With Sabrina's Cafe and Spencer's burgers you will never have to worry about studying hungry. After a quick bite, the second floor lounge has games and distractions to free your mind while taking a break. By the time you make it to the meeting rooms on the third floor you can finish all of your work with a full stomach and a clear head.