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Entrepreneurs Don’t Take Breaks

5 ways to use the Thanksgiving break to better your business

Thanksgiving Header

November 23, 2015

For most students, Thanksgiving break is an opportunity to relax. Take some time off from school, see family, travel - welcome the break from school as you see fit. For an entrepreneur, Thanksgiving break doesn't really offer a break. School may be out of session, but business doesn't share that luxury. Everyone needs time here and there to clear their mind and step back from their arduous schedule, but student entrepreneurs can make the most of their break in other ways. Here are 5 tips to use the time off from classes to make your business better.


Promote Your Business on Social Media

During the Holiday break, many students find themselves bored with all of the free time. These bored students gravitate towards certain activities to pass the time on lazy days like spending extra time on social media. Plan ahead for this elevated traffic to social media platforms, throw a Thanksgiving twist to your usual content, and promote, promote, promote. This will excite and draw in your followers, show them some character, and remind them that your business doesn't take any days off.


Gather Feedback from Family and Friends

No matter how many times you have gone over your business plan in your head, feedback helps. Try your elevator pitch out at the Thanksgiving dinner table and see what your family and friends have to say. It helps to get a diverse opinion on your business and get some tips on how to make it better. By turning the dinner table conversation into a round table about your strategy and future plans, you're creating a focus group with invaluable feedback from those who care about you.


Take Advantage of Holiday Sales for Internal Products

Thanksgiving might be the most traditional holiday in November, but it's certainly not the only one. The prevalence of promotions and deals on the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving excite some people even more than the turkey dinner. This is the time when an entrepreneur can find company products at a discount. Maybe you need a new printer for the office or some general supplies. Maybe you even want to grab a new TV or game system for you and your employees to wind down with after a hard day of work. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it for a better deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.


Brainstorm and Work on Goals for Your Business

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to take some time think deeply about what you are trying to do. The problem is, student entrepreneurs rarely have a minute of free time with the hustle and bustle of schoolwork and classes. Thanksgiving break alleviates some of these struggles. Spend a few hours alone with a notepad, jot down new ideas for your business, and schedule specific goals for you to tackle before year's end or for the new year. Quiet time is crucial and hard to come by, take advantage of it when you can.


Find Inspiration in Your Travels

Often times, inspiration hits you where you least expect it. For many people, Thanksgiving break means traveling, maybe to somewhere you've never been before. A long car drive, a plane ride, a new setting, or a nostalgic trip down memory lane can provide unique ideas and inspirations for your business.

Christian Larsen, Communications, Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship