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2017 Poster Presentations

The poster session will allow us to cover a broader range of research topics related to urban health, and an informal setting to discuss the themes introduced by Symposium speakers. Please join us on the evening of September 7, 2017 for a poster session and reception, held at the Bossone Research Center, 3140 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

Download the list of 2017 Poster Presentations (PDF)

Selected posters will be displayed for the following categories (please use the drop down to view accepted posters for the 2017 Urban Health Symposium):

Category 1: Novel Urban Health Research Methods

The relationship between food access and reported Salmonella and Campylobacter cases in Pennsylvania: A spatial comparison of Urban and Rural Areas
Presenting Author: Erica E. Smith, MPH

Development of a Novel Approach to Modeling Transportation Access as a Barrier to Healthcare
Presenting Author: Whitney Cabey, MD

The Context of Violence: A Data Integration Project in the Latino Community of Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Samantha Joseph, MPH, DrPh(c)

Evaluating Food Insecure Households Access to Local Food Resources
Presenting Author: Douglas Strane, MPH

Data collection and quality assessment of mortality data of Urban Health in Latin America project (SALURBAL)
Presenting Author: Amelia Friche, PhD

Utilization of Community Health Center Electronic Health Records (EHRs) for Chronic Disease Surveillance Among Low-Income Population in Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Mary Figgatt, MPH

Health Impact Assessment: A tool for promoting healthier and more equitable cities
Presenting Author: Debarati "Mimi" Majumdar Narayan, PhD

Novel data-collection system tracks health services provided at student-run medical clinics
Presenting Authors: Nimerta Sandhu and Luke Pasick

A method for health survey harmonization in the Salud Urbana en America Latina project (SALURBAL)
Presenting Author: Ana Ortigoza, MD, MS

Defining and Identifying Cities with Greater than 100,000 Inhabitants for the Salud Urbana en America Latina (SALURBAL) Project
Presenting Authors: SALURBAL Investigators

A Cross Sectional Analysis of Chronic Conditions within the Asian Population of Philadelphia using HealthShare Exchange Data; New Insights for Community Health Needs Assessments
Presenting Author: Karla Geisse

Mapping the Need for a Coordinated Intake System for Maternal & Child Home Visiting Programs in Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Stacey Kallem, MD

Measuring Neighborhood Social and Economic Change for Health Studies
Presenting Author: Usama Bilal, MD, MPH, PhD

Development and validation of the OHCITIES instrument: Assessing alcohol urban environments in the Heart Healthy Hoods project
Presenting Author: Usama Bilal, MD, MPH, PhD

The mismatch between observational measures and residents' perspectives on the retail food environment: a mixed-methods approach in the Heart Healthy Hoods study
Presenting Author: Usama Bilal, MD, MPH, PhD

Category 2: Built Environment and Climate Change

Understanding differences in the walking and cycling environment between Madrid and Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Usama Bilal, MD, MPH, PhD

Exploring the nutrition transition in different urban scenarios in Argentina
Presenting Author: Natalia Tumas, PhD

Social activity of older adults in highly visited urban parks: conflicts and partnership opportunities
Presenting Author: Ladan Ghahramani, MA

Community Activation for Prevention Study (CAPS): A Randomized Controlled Trial of Community Gardening
Presenting Author: Jill Litt, PhD

Long-term ambient air pollution exposures and circulating and stimulated inflammatory mediators in a cohort of midlife adults in Allegheny County, PA
Presenting Author: Sheila Tripathy

Modeling of Aedes albopictus in SE Pennsylvania considering environmental and socio-economic site factors
Presenting Author: Daniel Wiese, MA, PhD(c)

The Association Between Urban Tree Cover and Gun Assault: A Case-Control and Case-Crossover Study
Presenting Author: Michelle Kondo, PhD

Chronic social stressors and susceptibility to short-term variation in urban ozone: A case-crossover analysis of childhood asthma exacerbations in NYC
Presenting Author: Jane E. Clougherty, MSc, ScD

Climate change and resulting floods: Using Social Capital to strengthen community resilience in Eastwick Philadelphia, a known floodplain
Presenting Author: Natasha Bagwe, MD, MPH

Weather-related effects among hemodialysis patients in selected urban northeast cities: preliminary findings from the HEAT-HD study
Presenting Author: Richard Remigio, MPhil, MS

Heat-mortality vulnerability by individual air conditioning and residential housing characteristics among the elderly in industrial Midwestern American cities, 2006-2013
Presenting Author: Carina Gronlund, MPH, PhD

Category 3: Health Disparities and Special Populations

Service Needs and Experiences of Individuals with Autism Living in Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Lindsay Shea, DrPH, MS

Promoting Community-Based Participatory Research to Address Disparities in Youth Violence Prevention
Presenting Author: Rachel Myers, PhD

Assessing the impact of displacement on emergency department visits and hospitalizations among original residents of gentrifying neighborhoods in New York City
Presenting Author: Pui Ying Chan, MPH

The Differential Protective Effect of Cultural Enclaves on Ghanaian Immigrant Youth and Adults
Presenting Author: Margrethe Horlyck-Romanovsky, MPH

A Partnership Model to Bridge Gaps in Care for Underserved Patients and Their Caregivers
Presenting Author: Jaimee Davis, MS

Neighborhood Displacement Among World Trade Center Health Registry Enrollees — New York City Metropolitan Area, 2003–2016
Presenting Author: Sean Locke, MPH

Neighborhoods, Social Networks, and Racial Discrimination: An Activity Space Approach to Understanding HIV Risk Behaviors among Black Emerging Adult Males (the He-MaNN study)
Presenting Author: Tamara Taggart, MPH, PhD

The Puzzle of Gentrification and Preventable Mortality: An Exploratory Study Based in Alameda County
Presenting Author: Melody Tulier, MPH, MCP, DrPH(c)

Examining the Health Status and Health Care Access of Mexican Migrants from Various Migratory Flows: Evidence from the Migrante Project
Presenting Author: Niko Verdecias, MPH, DrPH(c)

Associations of Neighborhood Crime with Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes among Women in Chicago: Analysis of Electronic Medical Records from 2009-2013
Presenting Author: Stephanie Mayne, MHS, PhD

Category 4: Programs and Policies to Improve Health in Cities

The Mobile Grocer: A Novel Retail Outlet to Meet the Shopping Needs of Low Income Neighborhoods and Senior Citizens
Presenting Author: Jennifer Quinlan, PhD

Prisons as Learning Environments for Nursing and Public Health Practice
Presenting Author: Mary T. Bouchaud, PhD, MSN, CNS, RN, CRRN

Training library staff as community health specialists: Results from an ongoing partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Bernadette D'Alonzo

Defining the role of a media mentor in Philadelphia's Free Library System
Presenting Author: Danielle Erkoboni-Wilbur, MD

Screening for PrEP Eligibility During Rapid HIV Testing in High Risk Neighborhoods in Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Marisa Felsher, MPH, DrPH(c)

Senses of Birth: an interactive itinerant exhibition for social mobilization and health promotion
Presenting Author: Amelia Augusta Lima Friche, PhD

What Should Sexual Violence Prevention Look Like for Urban, Commuter-campus College Students
Presenting Author: Victoria Frye, MPH, DrPH

Understanding emerging trends in social media communications among U.S. schools of public health: A mixed-methods Twitter analysis
Presenting Author: Matthew Kearney, MPH, DrPH(c)

Nursing-Legal Partnership: Integrating Legal Aid Services into the Evidence-Based Philadelphia Nurse-Family Partnership and Parents As Teachers Program
Presenting Author: Susan Tew, MPH, BSN, RN

Vigilantidote: Feasibility Assessment of an Opioid Overdose Emergency Texting Service, Designed to Reduce Overdose Deaths
Presenting Author: Korey Onulack, BS, MD(c)

Perceptions of Community Residents of an Urban Extension Center Model in West Philadelphia
Presenting Author: Julia Orchinik, MPH

Trends in sales of sugary drinks and other beverages in the United States: 2006-2015
Presenting Author: Pasquale Rummo, MPH, PhD

Evaluating Heart Smarts - a Corner Store-Based Heart Health Promotion Program
Presenting Author: Fred Shaykis

Naloxone Outreach Project: Saving Lives of Opioid Overdose Victims in North Philadelphia through Overdose Education, Naloxone Distribution, and Hands-on Training
Presenting Author: Camille Singh, BS, MD(c)