Presenting the 2022 Annual Report on Drexel’s Anti-Racism Commitments

A message from the Chief Diversity Officer

Dear Members of the Drexel Community,

The Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture (EIC) is pleased to present the inaugural annual report of the University’s progress toward its anti-racism commitments. The report focuses on three key areas: 1) implementation and success monitoring, including data documenting representation and data assessing climate; 2) highlights of unit activities addressing the University’s 64 anti-racism commitments; and 3) next steps in the implementation and success monitoring process. The Middle States Commission on Higher Education recognized the University’s efforts as an exemplary or innovative practice on Drexel’s 2022 reaccreditation report.

You may read the executive summary and/or the full annual report on the EIC website.

As many of you know, Drexel’s journey toward becoming an anti-racist university began in the summer of 2020 with the establishment of the Anti-Racism Task Force (ARTF). Over the course of a year, the ARTF developed more than 200 recommendations outlined in 11 committee reports, which were consolidated into 64 commitments that were outlined in the ARTF’s final report issued in September 2021. The commitments were developed by the Office for Institutional Equity and Inclusive Culture in consultation with leaders of academic and administrative units across the University.

Drexel’s successful journey toward anti-racism depends upon an earnest commitment of time and effort by all members of the University community. We will continue to provide annual updates along with periodic appeals for collective action to help keep Drexel moving forward as we strive to build a culture of equity.

As always, we encourage you to share your questions, suggestions or comments by emailing us at

Thank you for your support and outstanding efforts thus far, which are outlined in this report. They go a long way toward making Drexel an ever stronger, more inclusive and more welcoming institution.


Kimberly J. Gholston
Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer