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  • December

    • Drexels Best of 2012

      December 19, 2012

      As the Drexel community prepares to usher in 2013, we take a look back at some of the University’s top news items from 2012.

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    • What-Im-Reading-Hnaraki

      December 17, 2012

      Dr. Maria Hnaraki, associate professor in the College of Arts and Sciences, is reading Zorba the Greek, written by Cretan-born author Nikos Kazantzakis.

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    • What Im Reading-Bryan Sacks

      December 12, 2012

      Drexel professor Bryan Sacks is currently reading, The End of Capitalism (As We Know It): A Feminist Critique of Political Economy, by J.K. Gibson-Graham.

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  • November

    • Soledad O'Brien Joins Drexel for "Who is Black in America?" Documentary Screening

      November 28, 2012

      Drexel University will host an advance screening of the documentary “Who is Black in America?” part of a multi-part series moderated by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien which explores issues of colorism and identity.

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    • ExCITe Center opening

      November 26, 2012

      Music technology, humanoid robots, app development, video games, and digital knitting machines will converge with many other technologies in one creative space when Drexel University opens its Expressive and Creative Interaction Technologies (ExCITe) Center on Nov. 28.

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    • NYC Art Gallery Displays Non-Reversing Mirror Invented by Drexel Math Professor

      November 16, 2012

      When you look in a mirror, you see an image of yourself in reverse. But one odd mirror invented by mathematics professor Dr. R. Andrew Hicks at Drexel University shows your true face without reversing its image. That mirror is now on display as part of an art exhibition in New York City through December 9.

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    • What Im Reading-Kathleen Volk Miller

      November 12, 2012

      The College of Arts and Sciences' Kathleen Volk Miller is currently reading three, yes three, books for both work and pleasure—God Bless America, a collection of short stories by Steve Almond, Four For a Quarter, another short-story collection by Michael Martone, and finally, A Visit from the Good Squad by Jennifer Egan.

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    • QandA-Election Results

      November 07, 2012

      Tuesday night’s election results declared incumbent President Barack Obama the victor after a long—and often bitter—campaign season. DrexelNow spoke with Dr. Bill Rosenberg about the outcome of this election, and what four more years of an Obama administration means for the United States.

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    • QandA-Hoejke

      November 01, 2012

      DrexelNow spoke with Dr. Barbara Hoekje, associate professor in the Department of Culture and Communication, about President Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan, “Forward.”

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  • October

    • Fossil Dig Day

      October 24, 2012

      Tri-state area residents came out in droves on Saturday, October 13 for the first Fossil Dig Day at Dr. Kenneth Lacovara’s world-class paleontological site in nearby Mantua Township, N.J.

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    • Physics Explains How Sickling Cells Make People Sick

      October 16, 2012

      Researchers at Drexel University have identified the physical forces in red blood cells and blood vessels underlying the painful symptoms of sickle cell disease. Their experiment, the first to answer a scientific question about sickle cell disease using microfluidics engineering methods, may help future researchers better determine who is at greatest risk of harm from the disease. They report their findings in Cell Press’s Biophysical Journal today.

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    • Panel to Discuss Major Issues of 2012 Presidential Election at Drexel

      October 11, 2012

      With the presidential election quickly approaching, Drexel University will host “Election 2012: Issues at Stake,” a panel discussion to help students and community members better understand some of leading issues in the 2012 campaign. The discussion also will include a question-and-answer session with the audience.

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    • QandA-Bill Rosenberg-Debate

      October 10, 2012

      DrexelNow chatted with political science professor Dr. Bill Rosenberg about the October 3 presidential debate and what he expects from the October 11 vice-presidential debate.

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  • September

  • August

    • What Im Reading Alison Novack

      August 27, 2012

      Drexel's Alison Novak is currently reading Slouching Toward Adulthood: Observations From the Not-So-Empty Nest by Sally Koslow. She spoke with DrexelNow about the book and how it approaches children who return home after college through a refreshingly humorous lens.

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    • Drexel Students Travel to London Paralympic Games

      August 21, 2012

      Nine Drexel University students will travel to London from August 31 through September 8 to see the 2012 Paralympic Games, as part of the travel-integrated course “Perspectives on Disability,” the fourth course in the Great Works Symposium 2012 Series.

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    • What Im Reading Bob Stokes

      August 16, 2012

      DrexelNow checked in with Stokes to find out why he picked up The Neighborhood Project: Using Evolution to Improve My City, One Block at a Time by David Sloan Wilson.

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    • Giant Panda Conservation Researchers from China to Speak at Drexel

      August 16, 2012

      Three leading scientists involved in the conservation of giant pandas at the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base in Chengdu, China will present a mini-symposium, “Biology and Conservation of the Giant Panda,” at Drexel University on August 22.

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    • QandA-John Kounios

      August 13, 2012

      Drexel's Dr. John Kounios recently discussed with DrexelNow his nominated topic, “The neuroscience behind epiphanies," for the 2013 TED Conference.

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    • What Im Reading Ken Lacovara

      August 01, 2012

      DrexelNow pulled Dr. Ken Lacovara, paleontologist and associate professor of biology in the College of Arts and Sciences, from his work in a marl pit in Gloucester County, NJ, to find out what he’s currently reading. He just finished The Map That Changed the World by Simon Winchester.

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  • July

    • Distress Signal in Injured Nerve Cells Begins with Locally Made Protein

      July 30, 2012

      New research recently published in Neuron, co-authored by Drexel's Dr. Jeffery Twiss, is one of the strongest indicators yet of molecular signaling from end to end in peripheral nerve cells. The team's new discoveries may help scientists better understand nerve cells' distress signals and nerve cell repair, so they can eventually control and enhance the process to speed up recovery from nerve injuries.

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    • Protecting Biodiversity Arks in the Tropics

      July 27, 2012

      Many of the world’s tropical protected areas are struggling to sustain their biodiversity, according to a study just published in Nature by more than 200 scientists from around the world. Among them, Drexel's Dr. Sean O’Donnell, highlighted the important, beneficial role of private landowners who work to preserve biodiversity in their land surrounding tropical reserves.

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    • What Im Reading Paul Cohen

      July 24, 2012

      DrexelNow recently spoke with Dr. Paula Marantz Cohen,distinguished professor of English, who is currently reading Rising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How it Changed America by John M. Barry.

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    • Drexel Experts Available to Comment on the 2012 Olympics

      July 19, 2012

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    • What Im Reading-Michael Lowe

      July 11, 2012

      Dr. Michael Lowe studies the psychobiology of eating and weight regulation, eating disorders and social cognition. He is currently reading Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined, by Steven Pinker.

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    • Higgs-Boson-QA

      July 09, 2012

      DrexelNow spoke with Dr. David Goldberg, associate professor of physics at Drexel, in the days after the CERN research center in Switzerland announced the possible identification of the Higgs boson. We asked him what it means and why we should care.

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    • What Im Reading - Cyndi Rickards

      July 03, 2012

      DrexelNow spoke recently with Cyndi Rickards, assistant teaching professor of criminal justice and instructor of Drexel’s course “Prison, Society and You,” to find out what she's reading.

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    • Rising Heat at the Beach Threatens Leatherback Turtles

      July 01, 2012

      New research suggests that climate change could exacerbate existing threats to critically endangered leatherback turtles and nearly wipe out the population in the eastern Pacific. Deaths of turtle eggs and hatchlings in nests buried at hotter, drier beaches are the leading projected cause of the potential climate-related decline, according to a new study in the journal Nature Climate Change by a research team from Drexel, Princeton University, other institutions and government agencies.

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  • June

    • Drexel Celebrates 2012 Commencement

      June 12, 2012

      Drexel University will celebrate its 125th commencement on its University City campus with five separate ceremonies honoring Drexel’s graduating class, June 15 and16. More than 5,000 students will receive a degree from Drexel this year. Drexel will award honor 17 honorary degrees to prominent individuals distinguished in their fields.

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    • Driver's Side Mirror with No Blind Spot Receives U.S. Patent

      June 07, 2012

      A side mirror that eliminates the dangerous “blind spot” for drivers has now received a U.S. patent. The subtly curved mirror, invented by Drexel University mathematics professor Dr. R. Andrew Hicks, dramatically increases the field of view with minimal distortion.

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  • May

  • April

    • Drexel University at Philadelphia Science Festival

      April 12, 2012

      Drexel University will play a big role in the celebration of science at the annual Philadelphia Science Festival. The festival, which runs from April 20-29, brings scientists and science enthusiasts together for a week of science-related exhibits, demonstrations and gatherings throughout the city. Drexel students, faculty and professional staff will take part in events each day during the festival. Click "read more" for a full schedule of all Drexel-related activities during the week.

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  • March

    • Autism Experts Available for Autism Awareness Month

      March 21, 2012

      Experts at Drexel University are available to comment for news stories about autism for Autism Awareness Month in April. Drexel recently established the A.J. Drexel Autism Institute, the nation’s first autism center focused on public health science.

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    • Drexel-Emphasis-on-Entrepreneurship-Baiada-Institute

      March 13, 2012

      The Laurence A. Baiada Center for Entrepreneurship will transition from a center of excellence within the LeBow College of Business at Drexel to a University-level institute, Drexel University President John A. Fryhas announced.

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    • Pacific Danger Zones for Critically-Endangered Leatherback Sea Turtles

      March 01, 2012

      A major new study of migration patterns has identified danger zones in the Pacific Ocean for critically endangered leatherback sea turtles. This new understanding could help inform decisions about fishing practices to help reduce further deaths of this fragile species. Drexel University’s Dr. James Spotila was coordinator for the study involving collaborators worldwide.

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  • February

    • Do Women with Bulimia Have Both an Eating Disorder and a Weight Disorder?

      February 29, 2012

      Researchers at Drexel University have found that a majority of women with bulimia nervosa reach their highest-ever body weight after developing their eating disorder, despite the fact that the development of the illness is characterized by significant weight loss.

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    • 3-D Robotic Dinosaurs On the Way for Next-Gen Paleontology

      February 20, 2012

      Researchers are bringing the latest technological advancements in 3-D printing to the study of ancient life. Using scale models of real fossils, for the first time, they will be able to test hypotheses about how dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals moved and lived in their environments.

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    • Study Predicts Public Opinion on Climate Change

      February 06, 2012

      A new study conducted by Dr. Robert Brulle, a professor of sociology and environmental science in Drexel University’s College of Arts and Sciences, along with Jason Carmichael of McGill University and J. Craig Jenkins of Ohio State University, identifies the informational, cultural and political processes that influence public concern about climate change.

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    • Cold Plasma Reduces Harmful Bacteria on Raw Chicken

      February 02, 2012

      A new study by food safety researchers at Drexel University demonstrates that plasma can be an effective method for killing pathogens on uncooked poultry. The proof-of-concept study was published in the January issue of the Journal of Food Protection.

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  • January