Kathleen Fisher

Kathly Fisher


Associate Professor

Division of Graduate Nursing
Doctor of Nursing Practice Department

215-762-1208 P
215-762-1259 F

Bellet Building, Rm. 521

Dr. Kathleen Fisher is a tenured associate professor with the College of Nursing and Health Professions and is a member of the Graduate Faculty at Drexel University. Dr. Fisher is a researcher, nurse practitioner, and nursing educator. Her research focuses on decision making in vulnerable populations i.e. individuals with intellectual disability. She has completed an NIH (i.e. National Institutes of Nursing Research) study (2005-2008) assessing decision making by proxy for individuals with intellectual disability. Dr Fisher utilizes mixed methods in her research. She completed a phenomenology in 2008 funded by the Health Research Formula Fund i.e. Tobacco Fund, to study the parents perspective in health care decision making for those with intellectual disability in Pennsylvania. Dr Fisher enjoys teaching, largely research courses, across the nursing programs at Drexel.