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Delegation of Authority for Executing Contracts on behalf of Drexel University

Effective Date: July 1, 2016
Responsible Officer: Office of the Executive Vice President, Treasurer and COO


The purpose of the Delegation of Authority (DOA) Policy is to establish delegations of authority granted to the President of Drexel University by the Board of Trustees pursuant to which specific delegations are granted to others to act on the President’s behalf. This Policy will define the responsibilities associated with these delegations.

It is intended to clearly document the authority to obligate the University and establishes responsibility and accountability of those so designated to establish and maintain such policies and procedures as necessary and appropriate to properly carry out for their delegation roles.


For the purpose of this Policy, "University" refers to Drexel University and its colleges, schools, divisions, subsidiaries and affiliates. All University trustees, officers, faculty, professional staff, students and independent contractors are subject to this Policy.


Implementation of this Policy is the responsibility of the Office of Vice President for Finance, CFO & Associate Treasurer.


The Executive Vice President, Treasurer & COO is the Drexel University official responsible for the administration of this Policy.


Applicable Authority shall mean the University's Bylaws, applicable actions or directives of applicable Board of Trustees, and the provisions of this Policy or other relevant University policies.

Contract shall mean any type of contractual agreement in whatever form (including, but not limited to, letters or memoranda of intent/understanding, emails or any other form) that obligates the University in a binding agreement with an external entity, employees of the University or any other third party(ies).

DOA (Delegation of Authority) shall mean granting authority to another person within the specific areas outlined in his/her delegation of authority.



  1. The President of the University is given specific authority to obligate the University, including the execution of Contracts, subject to and consistent with Applicable Authority.
  2. Under the foregoing authority, the President further delegates the rights and responsibilities associated with this authority to certain officers as specifically identified in this Policy, subject to and consistent with Applicable Authority.
  3. Each officer who is given authority to obligate the University and execute relevant Contracts is responsible for documenting any further DOA granted to a leader of a unit under their authority at the level of Dean, Vice Provost or Vice President or above, and to any other University official with the approval of the President.


  1. The President grants DOA to the following officers for the specific types of Contracts identified below, and others not specifically enumerated that clearly fall within the respective academic or administrative unit, consistent with this Policy.
    1. Executive Vice President for Finance & Treasurer
      1. Procurement of Goods and Services
      2. Human Resources Agreements
        1. Benefits
        2. Employment Contracts
      3. Architecture, Engineering and Construction Contracts
      4. Real Estate, Housing and Leases, including those of any University subsidiary
    2. Director of Athletics
      1. Athletic Contest Agreements
      2. Sponsorship Agreements
    3. Senior Vice President for Institutional Advancement
      1. Institutional Advancement Contracts
    4. Senior Vice President and General Counsel
      1. Legal Services Contracts
      2. Contracts relating to Governance matters, including fiduciary boards
      3. Insurance and Risk Management Contracts
    5. Senior Vice President for Corporate Relations and Economic Development
      1. Technology transfer and commercialization
      2. Intellectual Property
    6. Executive Vice President and Provost
      1. Research Contracts
      2. Academic Contracts
        1. Faculty Appointment Agreements
    7. Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success
    8. Senior Vice President for University Communications
    9. Senior Vice President for Government and Community Relations
    10. Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs
      1. Clinical/Physician Agreements
    11. Senior Vice President and President of Drexel University Online
    12. President and CEO of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

Any questions regarding the interpretation or implementation of this Policy, including its application to specific contracts, should be directed to the Vice President for Finance, CFO & Associate Treasurer.