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We Be Body Movin'

February 26, 2019

Among the many group exercise classes offered at the Drexel Recreation Center, Body Pump is perhaps one of the most intense. This week, the Blog Squad learned this the hard way, as we normally do, by trying it. Body Pump is an hour-long, full-body workout that combines the use of dumbbells, barbells with weights, and body weight to exercise all of the major muscle groups. From chest to arms, legs, and core, the encompassing nature of Body Pump requires that muscles remain under tension for extended periods of time, maximizing the overall effectiveness of the workout. Like all group exercise classes at the Rec, there is a large variety of weights to choose from and many of the exercises can be done without added weights as well. No matter your experience level, Body Pump is sure to be a great workout for you.

Hey y’all, it’s Matt! Body Pump was quite the experience as you can likely tell from my appearance in this week’s video. As someone who works out regularly on my own schedule, I found that participating in Body Pump helped me learn some new exercises and push myself more than I would on my own. It felt great to try a new workout with some close friends who were new to it as well. Our instructor was very patient with us and ensured we were able to follow along with the specific movements and go at our own pace when necessary. I enjoyed that this class worked all parts of the body and challenged me to try some new things to help me get away from going through the same motions as my daily workouts. I would recommend Body Pump to anyone looking to get a quick and highly-productive workout.

What’s KICKING homies, Robbie here! Let me tell you a little bit about Body Pump. These sessions are intense! Once again, the instructor was great as every other class session, but I think this session might just take the cake. I was hurting to say the least, but it was a good hurt. A “nice burn”, you could say. There were all different kinds of movements and activities we did, and you can definitely tell they did what they were supposed to do. If you are looking for a fun and intense workout class, look no further. The one thing I appreciated the most about the class was that you can add or subtract weight to make the class inclusive of all fitness levels. I felt over-confident towards the beginning of the class, thinking “oh yeah, I can so do this with weights”, to then changing my mindset to never wanting to see a weight again towards the end. I would want anyone who enjoys group exercise classes to try Body Pump!

Hey guys, Taylor here! This was my first time trying Body Pump, but I’ve heard a lot about it and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I decided to play it on the safer side and opt for the lightest possible weights, but I had no idea how hard it was still going to be. As someone who almost always goes for cardio based exercise over weight-training, this was way out of my comfort zone. However, I still had a great time and enjoyed getting to mix up my workout and learn some new moves. In the end, it took me a full week to recover from the soreness, so come prepared for a fun, but challenging, experience. Overall, this class is a great workout with supportive instructors and an upbeat environment! I’d recommend Body Pump to anyone looking to get in an efficient and intense full-body workout.