Drexel Parents and Caregivers

Facilitating community and resource-sharing among Drexel faculty and professional staff members who are parents (including expecting parents) and/or caregivers outside of the workplace.


The Drexel Parents & Caregivers Colleague Resource Group is committed to fostering a supportive community for Drexel employees who are parents and caregivers. Our mission is to support, connect and advocate on behalf of caregivers, who may face unique needs and challenges while juggling their professional roles with other responsibilities.

Goals & Objectives

  • Provide a Supportive Network: We aim to create a welcoming group for parents and caregivers to provide emotional support, share resources and collaborate on common challenges.
  • Advocate for Change: We seek to advocate for reasonable policies, benefits and resources that enhance the work-life balance and job satisfaction of our members, to foster greater employee engagement and productivity.
  • A Resource to the Administration: We seek to be a sounding board for the institution on matters that impact Drexel families and caregivers, to support inclusive decision-making.
  • Collaborative Resources: We believe there is knowledge in numbers and that we can learn from each other. We encourage members to share their insights about daycares, preschools, caregivers, etc.


Any parent or caregiver employed by Drexel may join by following the Drexel Parents & Caregivers channel on Teams.

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