Kaczmarczik Lectures

Kaczmarczik Lecture participants in Main Building Hall

The Kaczmarczik Lecture Series, hosted by the Department of Physics, is a significant event on Drexel's campus. Numerous Nobel Laureates and renowned scientists have been invited in recent years to address the audience.

  Lecture   Date   Speaker
19th October 2014

Margaret Geller, PhD

18th April 2013 David Wineland, PhD
17th March 2012 Brian Schmidt, PhD
16th April 2011 Tejinder S. Virdee, PhD
15th March 2010 David J. Gross, PhD
14th March 2009 Geoffrey W. Marcy, PhD
13th February 2008 William D. Phillips, PhD
12th March 2007 John C. Mather, PhD
11th November 2005 Frank Wilczek, PhD
10th December 2004 Michael Turner, PhD
9th November 2003 David Spergel, PhD
8th November 2002 Sir Martin Rees
7th November 2001 Jill Tarter, PhD
6th December 2000 J. Anthony Tyson, PhD
5th February 2000 Robert P. Kirscner, PhD
4th 1999 Clifford M. Will, PhD
3rd 1998 Vera C. Rubin, PhD
2nd 1997 Kip Thorne, PhD
1st 1996 Russell Hulse, PhD