Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Rehabilitation Sciences

PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences

Mission Statement

To prepare Doctors of Philosophy (PhD) who will take leadership roles as researchers and educators in rehabilitation sciences, and who can conduct research that will ultimately impact the quality of life for individuals with limitations in motor functions.


male subject with weight and wiresThe field of rehabilitation sciences has become more exciting, more complex, and more demanding. By integrating clinical and basic sciences, Drexel’s faculty members educate high quality rehabilitation research scientists with a background that is both broad in scope and rigorous in depth.

Our graduates are prepared within the contextual paradigm of disability research to expand the body of knowledge in rehabilitation and movement sciences through understanding the mechanisms of movement impairments, preventing and reducing movement dysfunctions and disability, and promoting health and physical performance in people across the lifespan.

Student and faculty advisor collaboratively design an individualized plan of study based on common research interests. Prospective students are encouraged to explore our faculty research areas and information on our PhD faculty mentors.

Download the PhD in Rehabilitation Sciences Fact Sheet. (PDF)