Admission Requirements

Applying to Drexel's DPT program can now be done through the Physical Therapy Centralized Application System (PTCAS) at You may start the application process anytime after July 2nd. Please submit all the admission requirements listed below to PTCAS as you have them. The application deadline is October 1st, but applications are reviewed and admission decisions are made on a rolling basis; therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply early.

The following are required for admission to the DPT program:

  • Applications: All applicants must apply through the Physical Therapy Centralized Application System (PTCAS) at
  • Send all official transcripts directly to PTCAS. Copies do not need to be sent to Drexel.
  • Official transcripts from all universities attended as well as satisfactory completion (grade of "C" or higher) or plan to complete the following prerequisites (prerequisites below are for Fall 2015):
    • General biology with laboratory: two courses
    • Anatomy: one course (or the two-part series of anatomy and physiology I, II)
    • Physiology: one course (or the two-part series of anatomy and physiology I, II)
    • General chemistry with laboratory: two courses
    • General physics with laboratory: two courses (algebra or calculus based)
    • General psychology: one course.
    • Introductory statistics: one course (a behavioral science-based course is preferred)
  • *Please note, students that attend a college/university that is on the quarters system will need to complete three biology and chemistry courses, as a full year’s worth of biology and chemistry is required.
  • Official GRE scores. Drexel's code is 7795.
  • Essay (PTCAS application).
  • Documented work or volunteer experience: 50 or more volunteer, shadowing or paid internship hours are required.  
  • Two letters of recommendation:
    • One letter required from a science-based professor or advisor.
    • One letter required from physical therapist.

All supporting application documents may be submitted through PTCAS.

Graduate work that has led to an advanced degree will be considered. Applicants who wish to take additional courses to enhance their application and preparation are encouraged to continue with their studies in biological sciences.

Please note: The Doctor of Physical Therapy program does not accept transfer credits. All students must enter the program in the Fall term.

American Physical Therapy Association 
For additional information about the field of physical therapy, please visit:


Most of the students enrolled in the DPT program at Drexel University live in close proximity to the Health Sciences Campus at 15th and Vine Streets. For information on housing, visit the Drexel University Housing site.

Financial Aid

Drexel Central: Student Financial & Registration Services, can provide you with information regarding financial aid and billing. You can find information regarding financial aid eligibility, tuition and fees rates and how to contact a Drexel Central representative at

International students

International students must also submit: 
  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Applicants who have not received a degree in the United States must take the TOEFL. Official score report must be sent directly from the Educational Testing Service. Drexel's TOEFL code is 2194. We require a score of at least 100. 
  • I-20/DS-2019 application form. (PDF) 
  • Transcript evaluation by World Education Services (WES is highly preferred by PTCAS).


Qualities such as maturity and effective interpersonal relationships are ascertained from the letters of recommendation and an interview. Any candidate who submits an application that is deemed competitive will be offered the opportunity to interview with the Program faculty. Overall, the interview is a time for the program faculty to learn more about the applicant, as well as an opportunity for the applicant to discover more about the program. Typically, current students are available during the interview times to give tours of the facilities as well as to offer their insights about the program.

Students are selected for admission into the program based primarily on the anticipation of their ability to successfully complete the curriculum. To make this judgment, the program's admissions committee uses the materials submitted by applicant, GRE scores, recommendations, and interview. No special consideration is given to state residents over non-residents, and there is no difference in tuition costs.

Typically our students admitted to our DPT program have the following qualifications:

      • Mean cumulative GPA: 3.69
      • Mean cumulative science GPA: 3.54
      • Mean GRE scores: 155 verbal, 156 quantitative, and 4.3 analytical.

Program Requirements for Dress and Scheduling

Dress Regulations
There is no prescribed uniform for the DPT laboratory courses. Depending on the lab skills to be practiced and/or evaluated, students will need to be able to expose relevant body parts. Gym shorts or t-shirts are usually necessary. Female students may need to wear a halter-top, sports bra, or bathing suit top underneath their t-shirts. Professional dress is required for clinic visits, clinical education experiences and SPL. Students should also be aware of when guest speakers will be present and dress appropriately. Flat-heeled shoes or sneakers are recommended for lab and clinical settings. Students should avoid wearing open–toed and/or high heel shoes. Students are encouraged to wear their issued nametags or student identification badges within the lab and clinic visits. Course instructors will review any special clothing requirements for their laboratory sessions or clinic visits. During clinical education experiences, students adhere to the dress and nametag regulations of the facility. Failure to dress appropriately and bring necessary materials will lead to dismissal from the laboratory or clinic visit.

Scheduling Requirements
Drexel University supports an environment that respects the religious observances of others and is committed to make every reasonable effort to accommodate the religious observances of students. If a student misses lecture or lab due to religious obligations, they are responsible for making up the coursework that they have missed. This includes reaching out to instructors to meet regarding making up class time/lab work. Students are expected complete class assignments on time, and must inform instructors about any absences or conflicts with the examination / assignment schedule due to religious observances at the beginning of the quarter and well in advance of the anticipated absence. For more information, please visit the Provost’s website to review the Religious Observance Statement.