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Master of Science in Human Nutrition (45 credits)

The human nutrition major is concerned with nutrition science, the application of the principles of biochemistry, physiology, and biology to human nutritional needs in health and disease. Current research includes neuro-physiological determinants of food reward in obesity and eating disorders, physiological determinants of food-intake memory, novel weight-loss treatments, interactions of socioeconomic and food safety factors on food choice, cultural effects on food preference and choice, and nutraceutical effects on immunity. Graduate study in human nutrition is offered on a full-time and part-time basis.


Curriculum for the MS in Didactic Program in Dietetics Track




FDSC 506 Food Composition & Behavior
(3 credits)

NFS 531 Micronutrient Metabolism
(3 credits)

NFS 680 Dietetics Seminar (3 credits)

NFS 530 Macronutrient Metabolism
(3 credits)

RSCH 519 Intro to Biostatistics (3 credits)

NFS 680 Nutr Assmt Thur Lifespan (3 credits)

NFS 546 World Nutrition (3 credits)

RSCH 523 Methods for Health Research
(3 credits)  

TOTAL: 9 credits

TOTAL: 6 credits

TOTAL: 9 credits

NFS 543 Medical Nutrition Therapy I 
(3 credits)

NFS 690 Community Nutrition 
(3 credits)

NFS 544 Medical Nutrition Therapy II
(3 credits)

NFS 630 Nutritional Counseling
(3 credits)

NFS 545 Nutrition in Critical Care (3 credits)

NFS 680 Foodservice Systems Management 
(3 credits)

NFS 849 Readings in Therapeutic Nutrition  
(3 credits)

Comprehensive Exam

TOTAL: 6 credits

TOTAL: 6 credits

TOTAL: 9 credits



Curriculum for the MS in Nutrition Science Track

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