Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics

The Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics requires that students complete 21 mathematics courses totaling 80 credits. This allows students to experience a broad range of mathematical topics, as well as gain depth in certain areas. The curriculum emphasizes computing and mathematical modeling because these two areas give our students a competitive advantage in the job market. The BS degree requires a series of seven courses that emphasize computing and acquaint students with widely used software packages such as SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) and Matlab.

Students who pursue the BS in math often minor in fields related to math, such as Computer Science, Economics, Finance, or any other field of interest to the student. By doing so, it makes students much stronger applicants in the job market or in applying to graduate programs.

Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Science Degree: 180 credits

Recommended Plan of Study

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Five Year, 3 Co-op (PDF)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Four Year, 1 Co-op (PDF)
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics: Four Year, No Co-op (PDF)