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The Lindy Center for Civic Engagement is committed to providing high-quality & meaningful public-service and leadership opportunities for Drexel students across the university. We recognize that such opportunities not only benefit the Philadelphia and broader communities, but can also significantly enhance a student's education both inside and outside of the classroom. The valuable opportunities that we provide through the Lindy Center engage students in the process of identifying, understanding, and actively addressing issues of public concern on the local, national, and international levels.

Through what we call "Community-Based Experiential Learning," students interact and build relationships with diverse populations as well as their peers – while enhancing their classroom learning by putting their skills to work and making a positive impact in the public life of the community. Students who take advantage of these opportunities can expect to not only gain substantive insight into the complex and real-world issues facing our society, but will also come away with honed leadership and critical thinking skills.

Explore the various ways that Drexel students are already making a difference and the opportunities that we encourage you to take advantage of today!