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North Hall Active Network Jacks


Room No. Station-Jack
NORTH LEL21B240000-3
NORTH LEL21B240001-3
NORTH LEL21A240002-3
NORTH LEL21A240003-3
NORTH LEL21240004-3
NORTH LEL23240005-3
NORTH LEL23A240006-3
NORTH LEL23A240007-3
NORTH LEL23B240008-3
NORTH LEL23B240009-3
NORTH LEL23C240010-3
NORTH LEL23C240011-3
NORTH LEL23C240012-3
NORTH LEL25C240013-3
NORTH LEL25B240014-3
NORTH LEL25B240015-3
NORTH LEL25A240016-3
NORTH LEL25A240017-3
NORTH LEL25240018-3
NORTH LEL27240019-3
NORTH LEL27A240020-3
NORTH LEL27A240021-3
NORTH LEL27B240022-3
NORTH LEL27B240022-4
NORTH LEL27B240023-3
NORTH LEL28C240024-3
NORTH LEL28C240025-3
NORTH LEL28B240026-3
NORTH LEL28B240027-3
NORTH LEL28A240028-3
NORTH LEL28A240029-3
NORTH LEL28240030-3
NORTH LEL26240031-3
NORTH LEL26A240032-3
NORTH LEL26A240033-3
NORTH LEL26B240034-3
NORTH LEL26B240035-3
NORTH LEL26C240036-3
NORTH LEL26C240037-3
NORTH 1E103241000-3
NORTH 1E109C241001-3
NORTH 1E109C241002-3
NORTH 1E109B241003-3
NORTH 1E109B241004-3
NORTH 1E109A241005-3
NORTH 1E109A241006-3
NORTH 1E109241007-3
NORTH 1E111241008-3
NORTH 1E111A241009-3
NORTH 1E111A241010-3
NORTH 1E111B241011-3
NORTH 1E111B241012-3
NORTH 1E111C241013-3
NORTH 1E111C241014-3
NORTH 1E113C241015-3
NORTH 1E113C241016-3
NORTH 1E113B241017-3
NORTH 1E113B241018-3
NORTH 1E113A241019-3
NORTH 1E113A241020-3
NORTH 1E113241021-3
NORTH 1E115241022-3
NORTH 1E115A241023-3
NORTH 1E115A241024-3
NORTH 1E115B241025-3
NORTH 1E115B241025-4
NORTH 1E115B241026-3
NORTH 1E116C241027-3
NORTH 1E116C241028-3
NORTH 1E116B241029-3
NORTH 1E116B241030-3
NORTH 1E116A241031-3
NORTH 1E116A241032-3
NORTH 1E116241033-3
NORTH 1E114241034-3
NORTH 1E114A241035-3
NORTH 1E114A241036-3
NORTH 1E114B241037-3
NORTH 1E114B241038-3
NORTH 1E114C241039-3
NORTH 1E114C241040-3
NORTH 1E112C241041-3
NORTH 1E112C241042-3
NORTH 1E112B241043-3
NORTH 1E112B241044-3
NORTH 1E112A241045-3
NORTH 1E112A241046-3
NORTH 1E112241047-3
NORTH 1E110241048-3
NORTH 1E110A241049-3
NORTH 1E110A241050-3
NORTH 1E110B241051-3
NORTH 1E110B241052-3
NORTH 1E110C241053-3
NORTH 1E110C241054-3
NORTH 1E108241055-3
NORTH 1E108B241056-3
NORTH 1E108B241057-3
NORTH 1E108A241058-3
NORTH 1E108A241059-3
NORTH 1W110B241061-3
NORTH 1W110241062-3
NORTH 1W110A241063-3
NORTH 1W110A241064-3
NORTH 1W110241065-3
NORTH 1W112241066-3
NORTH 1W112A241067-3
NORTH 1W112A241068-3
NORTH 1W112B241069-3
NORTH 1W112B241070-3
NORTH 1W114B241071-3
NORTH 1W114B241072-3
NORTH 1W114A241073-3
NORTH 1W114A241074-3
NORTH 1W114241075-3
NORTH 1W116241076-3
NORTH 1W116A241077-3
NORTH 1W116A241078-3
NORTH 1W116B241079-3
NORTH 1W116B241079-4
NORTH 1W116B241080-3
NORTH 2W203242000-3
NORTH 2W211B242001-3
NORTH 2W211B242002-3
NORTH 2W211A242003-3
NORTH 2W211A242004-3
NORTH 2W211242005-3
NORTH 2W213242006-3
NORTH 2W213A242007-3
NORTH 2W213A242008-3
NORTH 2W213B242009-3
NORTH 2W213B242010-3
NORTH 2W215B242011-3
NORTH 2W215B242012-3
NORTH 2W215A242013-3
NORTH 2W215A242014-3
NORTH 2W215242015-3
NORTH 2W217242016-3
NORTH 2W217A242017-3
NORTH 2W217A242018-3
NORTH 2W217B242019-3
NORTH 2W217B242020-3
NORTH 2W217C242021-3
NORTH 2W217C242022-3
NORTH 2W216B242023-3
NORTH 2W216B242023-4
NORTH 2W216B242024-3
NORTH 2W216A242025-3
NORTH 2W216A242026-3
NORTH 2W216242027-3
NORTH 2W214242028-3
NORTH 2W214A242029-3
NORTH 2W214A242030-3
NORTH 2W214B242031-3
NORTH 2W214B242032-3
NORTH 2W212B242033-3
NORTH 2W212B242034-3
NORTH 2W212A242035-3
NORTH 2W212A242036-3
NORTH 2W212242037-3
NORTH 2W210242038-3
NORTH 2W210A242039-3
NORTH 2W210A242040-3
NORTH 2W210B242041-3
NORTH 2W210B242042-3
NORTH 2W208B242043-3
NORTH 2W208B242044-3
NORTH 2W208A242045-3
NORTH 2W208A242046-3
NORTH 2W208242047-3
NORTH 2E203242048-3
NORTH 2E209C242049-3
NORTH 2E209C242050-3
NORTH 2E209B242051-3
NORTH 2E209B242052-3
NORTH 2E209A242053-3
NORTH 2E209A242054-3
NORTH 2E209242055-3
NORTH 2E211242056-3
NORTH 2E211A242057-3
NORTH 2E211A242058-3
NORTH 2E211B242059-3
NORTH 2E211B242060-3
NORTH 2E211B242060-4
NORTH 2E211C242061-3
NORTH 2E211C242062-3
NORTH 2E213C242063-3
NORTH 2E213C242064-3
NORTH 2E213B242065-3
NORTH 2E213B242066-3
NORTH 2E213A242067-3
NORTH 2E213A242068-3
NORTH 2E213242069-3
NORTH 2E215242070-3
NORTH 2E215A242071-3
NORTH 2E215A242072-3
NORTH 2E215B242073-3
NORTH 2E215B242073-4
NORTH 2E215B242074-3
NORTH 2E216C242075-3
NORTH 2E216C242076-3
NORTH 2E216B242077-3
NORTH 2E216B242078-3
NORTH 2E216A242079-3
NORTH 2E216A242080-3
NORTH 2E216242081-3
NORTH 2E214242082-3
NORTH 2E214A242083-3
NORTH 2E214A242084-3
NORTH 2E214B242085-3
NORTH 2E214B242086-3
NORTH 2E214C242087-3
NORTH 2E214C242088-3
NORTH 2E212C242089-3
NORTH 2E212C242090-3
NORTH 2E212C242091-3
NORTH 2E212B242092-3
NORTH 2E212A242093-3
NORTH 2E212A242094-3
NORTH 2E212242095-3
NORTH 2E210242096-3
NORTH 2E210A242097-3
NORTH 2E210A242098-3
NORTH 2E210B242099-3
NORTH 2E210B242100-3
NORTH 2E210C242101-3
NORTH 2E210C242102-3
NORTH 2E208242103-3
NORTH 2E208A242104-3
NORTH 2E208A242105-3
NORTH 2E208B242106-3
NORTH 2E208B242107-3
NORTH 3W303243000-3
NORTH 3W311B243001-3
NORTH 3W311B243002-3
NORTH 3W311A243003-3
NORTH 3W311A243004-3
NORTH 3W311243005-3
NORTH 3W313243006-3
NORTH 3W313A243007-3
NORTH 3W313A243008-3
NORTH 3W313B243009-3
NORTH 3W313B243010-3
NORTH 3W315B243011-3
NORTH 3W315B243012-3
NORTH 3W315A243013-3
NORTH 3W315A243014-3
NORTH 3W315243015-3
NORTH 3W317243016-3
NORTH 3W317A243017-3
NORTH 3W317A243018-3
NORTH 3W317B243019-3
NORTH 3W317B243020-3
NORTH 3W317C243021-3
NORTH 3W317C243022-3
NORTH 3W316B243023-3
NORTH 3W316B243023-4
NORTH 3W316B243024-3
NORTH 3W316A243025-3
NORTH 3W316A243026-3
NORTH 3W316243027-3
NORTH 3W314243028-3
NORTH 3W314A243029-3
NORTH 3W314A243030-3
NORTH 3W314B243031-3
NORTH 3W314B243032-3
NORTH 3W312B243033-3
NORTH 3W312B243034-3
NORTH 3W312A243035-3
NORTH 3W312A243036-3
NORTH 3W312243037-3
NORTH 3W310243038-3
NORTH 3W310A243039-3
NORTH 3W310A243040-3
NORTH 3W310B243041-3
NORTH 3W310B243042-3
NORTH 3W308B243043-3
NORTH 3W308B243044-3
NORTH 3W308A243045-3
NORTH 3W308A243046-3
NORTH 3W308243047-3
NORTH 3E303243048-3
NORTH 3E309C243049-3
NORTH 3E309C243050-3
NORTH 3E309B243051-3
NORTH 3E309B243052-3
NORTH 3E309A243053-3
NORTH 3E309A243054-3
NORTH 3E309243055-3
NORTH 3E311243056-3
NORTH 3E311A243057-3
NORTH 3E311A243058-3
NORTH 3E311B243059-3
NORTH 3E311B243060-3
NORTH 3E311C243061-3
NORTH 3E311C243062-3
NORTH 3E313C243063-3
NORTH 3E313C243064-3
NORTH 3W313B243065-3
NORTH 3W313B243066-3
NORTH 3E313A243067-3
NORTH 3E313A243068-3
NORTH 3E313243069-3
NORTH 3E315243070-3
NORTH 3E315A243071-3
NORTH 3E315A243072-3
NORTH 3E315B243073-3
NORTH 3E315B243073-4
NORTH 3E315B243074-3
NORTH 3E316C243075-3
NORTH 3E316C243076-3
NORTH 3E316B243077-3
NORTH 3E316B243078-3
NORTH 3E316A243079-3
NORTH 3E316A243080-3
NORTH 3E316243081-3
NORTH 3E314243082-3
NORTH 3E314A243083-3
NORTH 3E314A243084-3
NORTH 3E314B243085-3
NORTH 3E314B243086-3
NORTH 3E314C243087-3
NORTH 3E314C243088-3
NORTH 3E312C243089-3
NORTH 3E312C243090-3
NORTH 3E312B243091-3
NORTH 3E312B243092-3
NORTH 3E312A243093-3
NORTH 3E312A243094-3
NORTH 3E312243095-3
NORTH 3E310243096-3
NORTH 3E310A243097-3
NORTH 3E310A243098-3
NORTH 3E310B243099-3
NORTH 3E310B243100-3
NORTH 3E310C243101-3
NORTH 3E310C243102-3
NORTH 3E308243103-3
NORTH 3E308A243104-3
NORTH 3E308A243105-3
NORTH 3E308B243106-3
NORTH 3E308B243107-3
NORTH 4W403244000-3
NORTH 4W411B244001-3
NORTH 4W411B244002-3
NORTH 4W411A244003-3
NORTH 4W411A244004-3
NORTH 4W411244005-3
NORTH 4W413244006-3
NORTH 4W413A244007-3
NORTH 4W413A244008-3
NORTH 4W413B244009-3
NORTH 4W413B244010-3
NORTH 4W415B244011-3
NORTH 4W415B244012-3
NORTH 4W415A244013-3
NORTH 4W415A244014-3
NORTH 4W415244015-3
NORTH 4W417244016-3
NORTH 4W417A244017-3
NORTH 4W417A244018-3
NORTH 4W417B244019-3
NORTH 4W417B244020-3
NORTH 4W417C244021-3
NORTH 4W417C244022-3
NORTH 4W416B244023-3
NORTH 4W416B244023-4
NORTH 4W416B244024-3
NORTH 4W416A244025-3
NORTH 4W416A244026-3
NORTH 4W416244027-3
NORTH 4W414244028-3
NORTH 4W414A244029-3
NORTH 4W414A244030-3
NORTH 4W414B244031-3
NORTH 4W414B244032-3
NORTH 4W412B244033-3
NORTH 4W412B244034-3
NORTH 4W412A244035-3
NORTH 4W412A244036-3
NORTH 4W412244037-3
NORTH 4W410244038-3
NORTH 4W410A244039-3
NORTH 4W410A244040-3
NORTH 4W410B244041-3
NORTH 4W410B244042-3
NORTH 4W408B244043-3
NORTH 4W408B244044-3
NORTH 4W408A244045-3
NORTH 4W408A244046-3
NORTH 4W408244047-3
NORTH 4E403244048-3
NORTH 4E409C244049-3
NORTH 4E409C244050-3
NORTH 4E409B244051-3
NORTH 4E409B244052-3
NORTH 4E409A244053-3
NORTH 4E409A244054-3
NORTH 4E409244055-3
NORTH 4E411244056-3
NORTH 4E411A244057-3
NORTH 4E411A244058-3
NORTH 4E411B244059-3
NORTH 4E411B244060-3
NORTH 4E411C244061-3
NORTH 4E411C244062-3
NORTH 4E413C244063-3
NORTH 4E413C244064-3
NORTH 4E413B244065-3
NORTH 4E413B244066-3
NORTH 4E413A244067-3
NORTH 4E413A244068-3
NORTH 4E413244069-3
NORTH 4E415244070-3
NORTH 4E415A244071-3
NORTH 4E415A244072-3
NORTH 4E415B244073-3
NORTH 4E415B244073-4
NORTH 4E415B244074-3
NORTH 4E416C244075-3
NORTH 4E416C244076-3
NORTH 4E416B244077-3
NORTH 4E416B244078-3
NORTH 4E416A244079-3
NORTH 4E416A244080-3
NORTH 4E416244081-3
NORTH 4E414244082-3
NORTH 4E414A244083-3
NORTH 4E414A244084-3
NORTH 4E414B244085-3
NORTH 4E414B244086-3
NORTH 4E414C244087-3
NORTH 4E414C244088-3
NORTH 4E412C244089-3
NORTH 4E412C244090-3
NORTH 4E412B244091-3
NORTH 4E412B244092-3
NORTH 4E412A244093-3
NORTH 4E412A244094-3
NORTH 4E412244095-3
NORTH 4E410244096-3
NORTH 4E410A244097-3
NORTH 4E410A244098-3
NORTH 4E410B244099-3
NORTH 4E410B244100-3
NORTH 4E410C244101-3
NORTH 4E410C244102-3
NORTH 4E408244103-3
NORTH 4E408A244104-3
NORTH 4E408A244105-3
NORTH 4E408B244106-3
NORTH 4E408B244107-3
NORTH 5W503245000-3
NORTH 5W511B245001-3
NORTH 5W511B245002-3
NORTH 5W511A245003-3
NORTH 5W511A245004-3
NORTH 5W511245005-3
NORTH 5W513245006-3
NORTH 5W513A245007-3
NORTH 5W513A245008-3
NORTH 5W513B245009-3
NORTH 5W513B245010-3
NORTH 5W515B245011-3
NORTH 5W515B245012-3
NORTH 5W515A245013-3
NORTH 5W515A245014-3
NORTH 5W515245015-3
NORTH 5W517245016-3
NORTH 5W517A245017-3
NORTH 5W517A245018-3
NORTH 5W517B245019-3
NORTH 5W517B245020-3
NORTH 5W517C245021-3
NORTH 5W517C245022-3
NORTH 5W516B245023-3
NORTH 5W516B245023-4
NORTH 5W516B245024-3
NORTH 5W516A245025-3
NORTH 5W516A245026-3
NORTH 5W516245027-3
NORTH 5W514245028-3
NORTH 5W514A245029-3
NORTH 5W514A245030-3
NORTH 5W514B245031-3
NORTH 5W514B245032-3
NORTH 5W512B245033-3
NORTH 5W512B245034-3
NORTH 5W512A245035-3
NORTH 5W512A245036-3
NORTH 5W512245037-3
NORTH 5W510245038-3
NORTH 5W510A245039-3
NORTH 5W510A245040-3
NORTH 5W510B245041-3
NORTH 5W510B245042-3
NORTH 5W508B245043-3
NORTH 5W508B245044-3
NORTH 5W508A245045-3
NORTH 5W508A245046-3
NORTH 5W508245047-3
NORTH 5E503245048-3
NORTH 5E509C245049-3
NORTH 5E509C245050-3
NORTH 5E509B245051-3
NORTH 5E509B245052-3
NORTH 5E509A245053-3
NORTH 5E509A245054-3
NORTH 5E509245055-3
NORTH 5E511245056-3
NORTH 5E511A245057-3
NORTH 5E511A245058-3
NORTH 5E511B245059-3
NORTH 5E511B245060-3
NORTH 5E511C245061-3
NORTH 5E511C245062-3
NORTH 5E513C245063-3
NORTH 5E513C245064-3
NORTH 5E513B245065-3
NORTH 5E513B245066-3
NORTH 5E513A245067-3
NORTH 5E513A245068-3
NORTH 5E513245069-3
NORTH 5E515245070-3
NORTH 5E515A245071-3
NORTH 5E515A245072-3
NORTH 5E515B245073-3
NORTH 5E515B245073-4
NORTH 5E515B245074-3
NORTH 5E516C245075-3
NORTH 5E516C245076-3
NORTH 5E516B245077-3
NORTH 5E516B245078-3
NORTH 5E516A245079-3
NORTH 5E516A245080-3
NORTH 5E516245081-3
NORTH 5E514245082-3
NORTH 5E514A245083-3
NORTH 5E514A245084-3
NORTH 5E514B245085-3
NORTH 5E514B245086-3
NORTH 5E514C245087-3
NORTH 5E514C245088-3
NORTH 5E512C245089-3
NORTH 5E512C245090-3
NORTH 5E512B245091-3
NORTH 5E512B245092-3
NORTH 5E512A245093-3
NORTH 5E512A245094-3
NORTH 5E513245095-3
NORTH 5E510245096-3
NORTH 5E510A245097-3
NORTH 5E510A245098-3
NORTH 5E512B245099-3
NORTH 5E512B245100-3
NORTH 5E512C245101-3
NORTH 5E512C245102-3
NORTH 5E508245103-3
NORTH 5E508A245104-3
NORTH 5E508A245105-3
NORTH 5E508B245106-3
NORTH 5E508B245107-3
NORTH 6W603246000-3
NORTH 6W611B246001-3
NORTH 6W611B246002-3
NORTH 6W611A246003-3
NORTH 6W611A246004-3
NORTH 6W611246005-3
NORTH 6W613246006-3
NORTH 6W613A246007-3
NORTH 6W613A246008-3
NORTH 6W613B246009-3
NORTH 6W613B246010-3
NORTH 6W615B246011-3
NORTH 6W615B246012-3
NORTH 6W615A246013-3
NORTH 6W615A246014-3
NORTH 6W615246015-3
NORTH 6W617246016-3
NORTH 6W617A246017-3
NORTH 6W617A246018-3
NORTH 6W617B246019-3
NORTH 6W617B246020-3
NORTH 6W617C246021-3
NORTH 6W617C246022-3
NORTH 6W616B246023-3
NORTH 6W616B246023-4
NORTH 6W616B246024-3
NORTH 6W616A246025-3
NORTH 6W616A246026-3
NORTH 6W616246027-3
NORTH 6W614246028-3
NORTH 6W614A246029-3
NORTH 6W614A246030-3
NORTH 6W614B246031-3
NORTH 6W614B246032-3
NORTH 6W612B246033-3
NORTH 6W612B246034-3
NORTH 6W612A246035-3
NORTH 6W612A246036-3
NORTH 6W612246037-3
NORTH 6W610246038-3
NORTH 6W610A246039-3
NORTH 6W610A246040-3
NORTH 6W610B246041-3
NORTH 6W610B246042-3
NORTH 6W608B246043-3
NORTH 6W608B246044-3
NORTH 6W608A246045-3
NORTH 6W608A246046-3
NORTH 6W608246047-3