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Our greatest challenges today—such as urban sustainability, energy, water conservation, and public health—are global, requiring comprehensive solutions, novel research, and new collaborations. Drexel's Office of International Programs (OIP), under the Office of the Provost, works to address these challenges by building an ecosystem of global partnerships and programs that focus on facilitating productive, mutually beneficial opportunities.

Driven by faculty, alumni, and institutional connections, OIP works with units across the university to build partnerships with distinguished universities and research institutes and to leverage faculty research collaborations into opportunities for broader mobility.

OIP provides the support and infrastructure necessary to take advantage of expansive new international opportunities both in our community and abroad; contributing to the mission of transforming the university into an international hub of academic and professional excellence. These initiatives include study abroad, major research projects, international cooperative agreements and conferences, co-curricular programming, and grants. As the world has become increasingly internationalized, so have the demands for international knowledge production and problem-solving. Drexel recognizes this and the importance of being a leader in the emerging global network of students and scholars.

Dr. Julie Mostov

Dr. Julie Mostov

Vice Provost for Global Initiatives

3141 Chestnut St. Randell Hall, Room 235
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dr. Julie Mostov is the Vice Provost for Global Initiatives and a Professor of Political Science at Drexel University. Under her leadership, the Office of International Programs brings a global dimension to the university, promoting a wide range of initiatives linking Drexel with strategic partners across the globe. Before creating the Office of International Programs at Drexel, Dr. Mostov was Director of International Area Studies at the University. Read More...