Fall 2006

Foundations of Phytotherapy: Clinical Applications of Herbal Therapy Class

"Upon recent completion of Drexel's inaugural Foundations of Phytotherapy course, I would most enthusiastically recommend this course for all healthcare professionals.This is a course that is stimulating, and encourages you to seek out more information for personal and professional benefit. Even our assigned research paper was to be on a topic of personal interest to us, and it proved to be research that we could apply in both our daily lives and in our clinical practices. Enrich your life by taking this course! Our instructor, Professor Ross, possesses a wealth of knowledge in this field, and facilitated information sharing between the students taking this on-line course. The text and Powerpoint slides with the instructor's commentary were wonderful learning aids."

"I found this course to be very interesting and a necessary part of our N.P. training. I plan to share this information with the M.D.s I work with as well as use it in my practice."

"'Foundations in Phototherapy: Herbal Remedies' creates a bridge from mainstream medicine to complementary therapies. Taking 'Foundations in Phototherapy: Herbal Remedies' has shown me promising complementary approaches to health and healing so that as a nurse practitioner I can enable patients to receive a more comprehensive and holistic approach to their healthcare. I would recommend all N.P. students to take this course to provide an enhanced learning experience and broader clinical practice."

Spring 2007

Foundations in Clinical Aromatherapy Class

"Excellent course. I would definitely recommend if not require all nursing students, especially graduate students, to take Aromatherapy. It is not only extremely applicable to patient health, but also to individual health. I am a better nurse and healthier person for taking this class."

"It is truly an eye opening experience at the strenghtening and healing properties of the oils. The instructor shares her unbelievable wealth of knowledge with you and is always willing to answer any question. It empower you to consider to utilize alternative therapies in your practice."

"I believe the CIT courses are extremely interesting as well as applicable to our nursing practices. Thoroughly enjoyed the course!"

"The instructor was very passionate, knowledgeable and dynamic about the course and reflected on the students to perform at an optimal level and interact with each other more freely/openly. She walked the walk and talked the talk. The instructor was very relaxed and easy to communicate with. The interventions using EO were enlightening and made the teaching method more than lecture and writing papers; there was an at-home clinical lab component. The professor first and foremost and the classmates: superb group. I found the subject matter intriguing and challenging to my limited (prior to the course, hopefully) knowledge. I also liked how interactive it is with other students and being able to learn from them as well as the professor."

"I really appreciated how attentive the professor was to her students, especially me. She responded by e-mail to my concerns promptly. The properties of different kinds of essential oils and their applications were thoroughly discussed."

"The instructor was very passionate, knowledgeable, and dynamic about the course and reflected on the students to perform at an optimal level and interact with each other more freely/openly."