Clinical Nurse Leader — Online Program

The MSN Clinical Nurse Leader track is designed to prepare nurses for an evolving advanced generalist role which incorporates advanced knowledge and skill, clinical expertise in an evidence-and-quality-driven context, accountability for outcomes of care, integration of health care services, and clinical leadership for the care of clients, who may be individuals or clinical populations such as those found on a clinical unit or in other settings. The program emphasizes the development of competencies related to the use of technology, evidence-based practice, customization of care, health team and interdisciplinary leadership, and outcome and risk assessment.

This master's program prepares nurses for advanced clinical roles in a quickly-changing, increasingly complex clinical care environment. Students have the opportunity to develop advanced competencies and depth of knowledge as clinical nurse leaders in any healthcare environment.

The program emphasizes evidence-based approaches to the solution of clinical problems, assessment of nursing and health care outcomes, clinical decision making and the design of nursing care for clinical populations at the clinical unit or similar small system level, lateral care integration, and clinically-based leadership. Clinical practicum experiences provide opportunities for students to deepen clinical skills and develop additional competencies for the management of clients’ health care needs at the point-of-care. Precepted clinical experiences will include activities such as modeling of care, assessment and evaluation of aggregate patient outcomes, case management and service integration, unit and interdisciplinary team leadership, teaching and mentoring of staff.

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