Language Lab

Lab Location

Language and Communication Center (LCC
229 North 33rd Street

Lab Hours

Please consult the Modern Languages Office, 2nd Floor Room 212, and a time slot will be provided to you.

Lab Procedure

In order to get access to the computer and the lab material, students need to leave their Drexel ID with the lab monitor sitting at the round table in the middle of the lab. It will be given back to them after they return all the material.

In the lab, log onto the language lab sheet, filling out all blocks AND write your name, class & section, and your professor's name. In order to keep track of your own hours, fill out the personal log, which you should keep.

Doing Work in the Lab

According to the course or the instructor, students can watch some videos that correspond to their textbook or course.
 For more advanced practice in the language, there are a variety of CD-ROMs and movies in various languages.

French classes from 201 to 312 have a movie assigned to each course.

Arabic classes have their lab component in the Lab itself, while most other language courses have their lab on BbVista.