Nora Madison

Nora Madison

Phone: 215.895.2920


  • BA, Sociology with a double minor in Anthropology and Gender Studies, Arcadia University 2002.

Research and Teaching Interests

  • New Media and online identities/subjectivities
  • Qualitative modes of inquiry, especially as they pertain to New Media and Internet studies (i.e., virtual ethnography)
  • Queer theory, with an emphasis on ‘fluid’ sexualities
  • Phenomenology

Courses Taught

  • Sociology of Education
  • Mass Media & Society
  • Introduction to Sociology
  • Evaluating Research


A central tenet of my research has been the production of subjects in online spaces, particularly in regards to gender and sexuality. My undergraduate thesis research explored the performance of gender in online multi-user role playing games (see “Are you a ‘real’ female? Gender and authenticity in Asheron’s Call.”) My current doctoral thesis research explores the intersections of New Media, online subjectivities, and Queer Theory. This project is an ethnographic examination of online spaces created by and for self-identified bisexuals (which can include transgender, intersex, pansexual, omnisexual, and fluid-identified individuals.) Specifically, this research focuses on the use of new mediascapes (following Appadurai, 1990) to develop and articulate subject positions as well as create and sustain groups online. This project endeavors to contribute to a growing understanding of the regulative discourses that marginalize bisexual subjects, how participants grapple with their marginal status within gay communities as well as within dominant “straight” communities, and how they attempt to make particular subject positions culturally intelligible.

Selected Publications

  • Madison, Nora. “Tracing Bisexuality: the label, the performance, and the paradox.” Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Montreal, Canada. November 16-20, 2011.
  • Madison, Nora. “Communities: Social Media, Participation, and Engagement of the ‘Other.’” Panel participant at the annual meeting of the Association of the Internet Researchers. Seattle, WA. October 10-13, 2011.
  • Madison N, Shumar W, Elliot A. Disembodied space and hybridization: Gender and leadership in an online Math education project. Individual paper presented at the biannual meeting of the Gender, Bodies, and Technology conference. Roanoke, VA. April 23-25, 2010.
  • Madison-Thompson N, Church J. (2003) “Are you a ‘real’ female? Gender and authenticity in Asheron’s Call.” In R.A. Lind (Ed.), Race/Gender/Media: considering diversity across audiences, content and producers (p 315-322). New York: Pearson Education.