CS ranks #3 on Forbes list of best-paying college majors

March 15, 2013 —

Computer Science is the third best-paying college major of 2012, according to the Forbes list featuring the latest research from the National Association of College Employers (NACE).

As the race to innovation ramps up, and entrepreneurs and business leaders alike are struggling to innovate and compete, employers are looking for fresh tech talent. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) degrees are low in supply and high in demand, and STEM-related jobs are growing 60 percent faster than other fields.

The demand has driven starting salaries of computer science and engineering majors up nearly four percent over the past year. At the top, computer engineering majors earn an average of $70,400 upon graduation, followed closely by chemical engineers at $66,400 and computer scientists at $64,400. NACE reports even show some entry-level software engineers creeping up into the lower six-digit salary.

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