Philanthropic support makes Drexel’s service to students and society possible. It also stands as a measure of the resonance of the University’s strategic vision. Coming off of Drexel’s most prodigious fundraising year and nearing the successful completion of its most ambitious campaign, it is clear that donors—including alumni, friends, faculty and professional staff—believe more than ever in the mission and direction of the University.

In fiscal 2012 the University recorded $81.5 million in private philanthropy, a new record and a 15.9 percent increase of 2011. This achievement was especially remarkable in light of the fact that overall and education-specific giving each rose just 4 percent in calendar year 2011.

By the end of the record-setting year, Dream It. Do It. Drexel.—A Campaign for the Future had raised $346 million total since 2008, more than 85 percent of its $400 million goal and well ahead of schedule for completion. This successful campaign laid the groundwork for the strategic plan Drexel launched in 2012.

Another highlight of the year in philanthropy was an all-time high participation rate for Why I Give, the faculty and professional staff giving campaign. Participation has grown in each year of Why I Give’s existence, and 2012’s rate of 62 percent is nearly five times the inaugural rate of 13 percent in 2009.

And the engagement of Drexel alumni continued to increase, as exemplified by a 70 percent increase in the number of alumni and guests participating in the annual Alumni Global Night of Networking in April. Events in 51 cities, including nine international locations, attracted more than 550 attendees.

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