2012 President Report

The pace of accomplishment here at Drexel is remarkable, and it’s only going to accelerate as we implement our new strategic plan. I find it helpful to pause at the end of each year and look back on our progress, in addition to providing a summary of the University’s finances for our many stakeholders.

The most far-reaching achievement of 2012 was the completion of our five-year strategic plan, “Transforming the Modern Urban University,” and the complementary Campus Master Plan. The product of a year of intense collaboration across the Drexel community, these roadmaps will help direct the incredible creative and transformative energy of our faculty and professional staff toward achieving a set of common goals that will make Drexel a national leader in higher education. Because we now have these goals to guide our work, this year-end report includes a selection of “highlights to come”— indicated as strategies for 2013 and beyond.

Of course, even the most comprehensive plan can’t anticipate all of the challenges and opportunities an institution will face—no strategic plan from five years ago could have imagined Drexel’s game-changing 2011 affiliation with the Academy of Natural Sciences, for instance. But year in and year out, the University has proven that our culture and our people make us especially good at adapting and thriving.

I am proud of what Drexel achieved in 2012, and I look forward to another great year.


John A. Fry

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