Establishing Projects in Your Area

Would you like assistance with developing a plan for an upcoming project? We have tools available for you that will help you through the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing phases of your project.

Project Phases

1. Initiate

  1. Build your project team and confirm commitment
  2. Establish an executive sponsor, if necessary
  3. Begin establishing project details by completing the Project Plan Document

2. Plan

  1. Meet with project team members and PMOE (optional) to discuss project plan and revise as needed
  2. Finalize Project Plan

3. Execute

  1. Project team executes the project tasks according to the Project Plan design
  2. Perform quality audits

4. Monitor & Control

  1. Troubleshoot when issues arise and changes are requested that change the project plan
  2. Monitor the project progress and performance and adjust timelines, tasks, and resources as needed
  3. Update the Project Plan as needed

5. Close

  1. Confirm project has met intended outcomes as according to the requirements in the Project Plan
  2. Gain final acceptance of the product/project
  3. Gather final lessons learned for future projects
  4. Transition project to operations, if necessary