Organizational Effectiveness

Beginning in early 2015, Administrative Effectiveness Surveys were established to gauge the effectiveness of various service areas and attributes of key administrative functions at Drexel. Faculty and professional staff participation is extremely important in identifying the strengths within the unit and highlighting the areas needing attention in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the department.

Faculty and professional staff participation will assist in:

  • Improving work experience in a positive way
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of our policies and/or practices
  • Highlighting areas that compromise customer satisfaction and/or diminish performance

The Administrative Effectiveness Surveys are managed by the Office of Program Management and Organizational Effectiveness (PMOE). The surveys will be available online and all responses will remain strictly anonymous. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the process. General demographic information will be requested as part of the survey, which is essential for analysis but is voluntary and will not compromise anonymity or confidentiality.

All survey results will be shared with the Drexel community. In the months that follow the survey, committees will work with the department and administrative leadership to develop action plans addressing the survey results.

The first Administrative Effectiveness Survey to be completed was for Human Resources in February 2015. Visit the HR Survey page for more information and the survey results.

If you have questions regarding the Administrative Effectiveness surveys, please contact Lindsay Norlen, Director, Organizational Effectiveness at or 215.571.4644.