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Director's Take

  • 2018

  • 2017

    • Advancing Learning Innovation

      January 2017

      Happy New Year! As we kick off 2016, we return to one of our core themes at ExCITe. In this ExCITeCast, we've heard from leaders of Civic Innovation efforts around the country.

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  • 2016

    • Faculty Outside Their Discipline

      November 2016

      This month, we featured our new Faculty Fellows, Prof. Shivanthi Anandan from the Department of Biology and Prof. Stefan Rank from Digital Media. During this academic year, these Fellows will be full participants at ExCITe, contributing their knowledge and expertise to our activities here.

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    • Design in Philadelphia

      October 2016

      October is the season for Design Philadelphia: an annual 10-day festival showcasing and celebrating our city’s creative economy. In this month’s podcast, we’ve highlighted a few perspectives on design and it’s relevance and application to a variety of problems, from consumer products to healthcare.

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    • Learning Innovation

      September 2016

      It’s time to head back to school, and this month we wrap up our two-part series exploring innovations in learning.

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    • Ten Years of Summer Music Technology

      August 2016

      At the end of July, we celebrated the 10th year of our Summer Music Technology (or SMT) high school program. This unique one week camp uses music to motivate interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (or STEM).

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    • Technology and Politics

      July 2016

      With both major party conventions this month and the Democratic National Convention coming to Philadelphia, this podcast has explored the relationship between technology and politics. Media technology has always played a role in elections and political campaigns, but with tech being increasingly prominent in the US economy, it seems more intertwined with politics than ever.

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    • Open Access

      June 2016

      Our topic this month is Open Access Research, which sounds wonky but is really about a fundamental principle that impacts us all, which is “Information wants to be free”.

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    • Diversity in Higher Education

      May 2016

      This month we've focused on efforts to increase diversity in higher education, particularly in the STEM fields: that’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

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    • Crossing Borders

      April 2016

      Our recent podcasts have focused primarily on local and regional efforts, such as innovative education and civic engagement initiatives. As a true urban University, Drexel is an active participant in building the future of Philadelphia.

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    • Food Data Security and Policy

      March 2016

      In this month's ExCITeCast, we've highlighted the efforts of Drexel's Food Lab founded by Prof. Jonathan Deustch, which focuses on sustainability, health promotion, and food product design. 

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    • Scalability and Iteration in Education

      February 2016

      Public education faces enormous challenges, especially in urban school districts. But we often forget that public education represents one of this country’s greatest successes, an example of incredibly rapid scaling to advance literacy, knowledge, and skills across an entire country.

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    • Defining Civic Innovation

      January 2016

      Happy New Year! As we kick off 2016, we return to one of our core themes at ExCITe. In this ExCITeCast, we've heard from leaders of Civic Innovation efforts around the country.

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  • 2015

    • Future of Higher Education

      December 2015

      Happy New Year! As we kick off 2016, we return to one of our core themes at ExCITe. In this ExCITeCast, we've heard from leaders of Civic Innovation efforts around the country.

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    • Haute Technology

      November 2015

      Wearables have arrived, from fitness trackers to smart watches, and many have hailed this area as next wave of innovation. In some ways, it is the inevitable progression of the miniaturization of technology. But something interesting happens the closer devices come to our bodies. They become personal, expressive, a fashion statement. It's no longer just about what it can it do, it's what does it say about me.

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    • Social Entrepreneurship

      October 2015

      New ventures aim to disrupt current methods for the better, often through advances in technology, something we call constructive disruption. But at the same time we face daunting societal problems: housing, healthcare, education, and political disenfranchisement that seem so vexing and incredibly slow to change. So we wonder if entrepreneurial methods can also constructively disrupt these areas.

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    • Opera Philadelphia

      September 2015

      We strive to make our ExCITe Center activities part of civic life in Philadelphia. This month, we've featured our friends at Opera Philadelphia, where I have the privilege of serving as resident technologist. I'd like to thank everyone at Opera Philadelphia and Drexel who enabled this unique collaborative opportunity for our institutions.

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    • Summer Opportunities at Drexel

      August 2015

      Like many of you, I have fond memories of summer as a great time to explore. So, at the height of summer in Philadelphia, I'd like to reflect on the importance of exploration. Summer at ExCITe is a change up, not really any less busy, but a chance to shake things up a bit, focus on something different, and pursue new experiences.

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    • Civic Innovation

      July 2015

      It's summer, and while for many that means vacation, this is when we kick into high gear at ExCITe. There are lots of new faces and activities, many of which align with our theme for this month's podcast: Civic Innovation.

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    • Entrepreneurial Game Studio

      June 2015

      This month we're highlighting the amazing efforts of EGS, the Entrepreneurial Game Studio, led by Dr. Frank Lee. This is a unique mashup of gaming and entrepreneurship, encouraging Drexel students to bring games they develop to market, and providing them with the practical tools to turn their games into businesses.

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    • Sowing the Seed Projects

      May 2015

      It's May, which means it's time for our annual call for seed funding proposals. These are small grants for new multi-disciplinary projects to foster collaboration, both within Drexel and also with those outside the University.

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    • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

      April 2015

      Collaboration is at the very core of the ExCITe Center, and it's the underlying theme of this month's ExCITeCast. We've highlighted our workgroup, an example of extreme collaboration between co-op students representing different majors and interests.

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    • Get Into The Entrepreneurial Spirit

      March 2015

      The theme of this month's ExCITeCast is Entrepreneurship. This is, of course, a key area of focus at the ExCITe Center, where we work at the intersection of Technology, Design, and Entrepreneurship.

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