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Game Companies

EGS has supported the launch of six student-created games as part of their mission to create a larger development community in Philadelphia.


Fantasy Fairways

Fantasy Fairways is like golf, but you must get a hole-in-one every time. To do this, place down gizmos a la Fantastic Contraption to navigate the ball around obstacles and to the portal at the end. Fantasy Fairways underwent the Steam Greenlight process and is now available on Steam.

Fantasy Fairways Logo STEAM Logo



Chubby Guppy

Chubby Guppy is a mobile puzzle game in which the player must guide a fish named Gil to a treasure chest by placing down pieces of food for him to follow. But be careful to avoid the traps and use as little food as possible, or the poor fish might get too fat to fit through the exit!


Aquarius Games LogoChubby Guppy   Google Play Apple App Store





Fox and the Little Prince Games presents Alchemia, an action-oriented puzzle game inspired by Threes and Bejeweled.  Combine sets of base materials to create gold, and combine gold to win - work to clear streaks, but quickly, as the game is over if the growing rows of materials reach the top of the screen.

  Fox and the Little Prince Games  Alchemia Google Play


Sweet Roll Studio presents Galactikitties, a game in which you try to use a ball of space yarn to collect all of the kittens before they are lost in space forever.  Save them by dropping them into the catnip portal, avoiding meteors and black holes along the way.

Sweet Roll Logo Galactikitties  Google Play Apple App Store   

Malevolence Inc.

Malevolence Inc. is a competitive local multiplayer platforming game in which players set traps and successfully navigate a character through a randomly generated level.  The game continues, with levels becoming larger, until one player loses all of their lives.

Sweet Roll Logo  Malevolence Inc. Icon  Google Play Apple App Store


Play as a star trying to escape a galaxy where growing black holes are devouring the planetary bodies.  Use other planets to boost your movement through space, collecting smaller planets to gain enough mass to proceed to the next level.

Lunar Rabbit Starbright Icon Google Play