Workflow is a tool that unites processes, information, and people.  It automates, simplifies, and directs the flow of information through various business units. Workflow improves operational efficiency by improving the automation and tracking of business processes.  

Application Functionality:

Teams or individuals are automatically notified of pending tasks or completed actions.  Drexel currently has two active workflows:

Change of Major

Business Impact: This workflow assists the Office of the University Registrar, Student Financial Services, and Financial Aid with the timely updating of student records for incoming students who request a change of major, concentration, or Co-op cycle after their enrollment is confirmed. 

Process: Once students submit their change of major/concentration/co-op to the Admissions office, Workflow informs and provides the relevant information to the Office of the University Registrar,Student Financial Services, and Financial Aid needed to update the student record in Banner.  When the internal updates are complete by the various offices, students receive an automated email confirming the changes.

Change of Grade

Business Impact:  This workflow streamlines the grade change submission and approval process for Instructors, Department Heads, and the Office of the University Registrar.

Process: Instructors initiate grade change requests online in  DrexelOne.  The Department Head for each course is notified of the submissions and is asked to approve or reject the requests in the Banner Workflow application.  If approved, the grade change is immediately updated in Banner.  The student and instructor are also sent an automated email confirming the changes.