RightNow is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and knowledge base that provides customer service tools via web and on-campus resource centers.

Application Functionality:

There are 2 modules of the CRM software: Service Module and the Marketing Module.

Service module

The RightNow Service Module includes contact and incident management. The contact management system holds information from Banner on all recruits, applicants, students, faculty and staff at Drexel University. The incident management system allows our resource staff to track details concerning communication with our contacts. The incident management system enables us to capture all relevant information about each incident and track progress as it’s handled by one or more of our resource staff. It also provides analytics for problem identification, time tracking and staff productivity. In addition, the application provides an interface that allows our contacts to manage the set of incidents they have initiated.

As part of the Service Module, RightNow CX includes a knowledgebase that provides easy, immediate access to institutional information by leveraging a centralized, web-based knowledge base across all channels is used as a searchable database, constantly being updated from end-user questions and feedback in order to provide up to date information.

Faculty, staff & students can monitor incident progress and view the knowledge base online by logging into the Ask Drexel website.

Marketing Module

The Marketing Module is allows for targeted electronic communication, student feedback, tracking and performance assessment. The Marketing module helps us create proactive, relevant email communication based on a full knowledge of the contact’s history. Marketing activity is also automatically added to the contact’s record, giving us a complete customer view for the next interaction.

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RightNow Upgrade Changes 2017[PDF]