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DrexelOne Mobile

DrexelOne Mobile is a free app that lets to users access personal, academic, financial, and career information from phones running Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. It's already been downloaded over 60,000 times!

While the focus of the app is on providing quick information to the students, faculty, and professional staff at Drexel, it's usable by everyone interested in Drexel campus maps, a directory, local merchants and menus, shuttle bus information, Dragon athletics, and general campus news and events. 

How do I get DrexelOne Mobile?

Use the links to get the right app for your type of phone and scroll down to see which features are supported on your platform. Our goals are a native look and feel with broad feature parity while exploiting platform-specific features where useful.

Does DrexelOne Mobile do email?

DrexelOne Mobile is for smartphones and those already have really good built-in email apps. To help you, we made instructions for using those with your Drexel email account. Links to those instructions are built in to the apps (look in Settings) or you can find them here on AskDrexel.

Does DrexelOne Mobile work with Blackboard?

As a dashboard, the app shows course announcements, events, and gradebook entries; faculty also can see some student activity tracking data from the Photo Class List area. To get the most from Learn 9 while on the go, you should install the Blackboard Learn Mobile app, for which Drexel has purchased an "Institutional License" so that the app is free to you. You can learn more about the app and find appstore links (for Android and iOS) at the Blackboard Learn Mobile web page.

What features does DrexelOne Mobile have?

A lot! The focus has been on creating a dashboard for time-critical information and a tool to find more information both from your own records and from public information sources at Drexel. The sections below shows the major functions; the tables dive into the nitty-gritty of features on each platform.


Shows students their courses, advisors, instructor contact information, schedules, and reported grades. Shows faculty teaching load and photo class lists.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Courses I'm teaching Yes Yes Yes
Courses I'm taking Yes Yes Yes
Class meeting time schedule List,Grid List List, Grid
Finals Schedule List List List, Grid
GPA and grades Yes Yes Yes
Academic advisor contact info Yes Yes Yes

Photo Class Lists

Shows students currently registered in a class and ways to contact those students. Selecting a student provides student and advisor contact info, and the Blackboard Learn gradebook for the student in this class.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Basic student list Yes Yes Yes
Email students Yes Yes Yes

Course Details

Course meeting information (when and where), instructors with contact information, and Blackboard Learn announcements, events, and gradebook for each course that you're taking.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Meeting times and places Yes Yes +Map
Link courses to phone's calendar Yes Yes Reminders
Blackboard Announcements Yes Yes Yes
Blackboard Calendar/Events Yes Yes Yes
Blackboard Gradebook Yes Yes Yes

Instructors and Advisors

Contact information and your course instructors and academic advisors. (Phone numbers are not shown for teaching assistants. Not all addresses can be mapped.)

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Show title and department Yes Yes Yes
Phone person Yes Yes Yes
Email person Yes Yes Yes
Show on map Yes Yes Yes
Add to contacts Yes Yes Yes


Shows key university announcements about your academic progress and status at the university. Student may choose to have notices "pushed" to their phone as the notices are posted.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Grade postings/changes Yes Yes Yes
Holds placed on your records Yes Yes Yes
Push notification Yes Yes Yes


Shows the schedule of upcoming on-campus coop job interviews. Tapping an interview shows details of it including the job number, employer, title, and description.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Agenda view of interviews Yes Yes Yes
Details of job Yes Yes Yes


Shows dollars, meals, and guest passes remaining on DragonCards. For medical faculty and all professional staff, shows accrued leave time.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Funds available Yes Yes Yes
List recent transactions Yes Yes Yes
Meals/guest passes available Yes Yes Yes
Accrued leave time Yes Yes Yes
Adjustable leave day estimates Yes Yes Yes

Campus Maps

Campus maps for University City, Center City, Queen Lane, and Sacramento.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Select campus Yes Yes Yes
Markers for each building Yes Yes Yes
Markers for other places Yes Summer '14 Yes
Search by name Yes No Yes


Find students, faculty, or professional staff at Drexel, the College of Medicine, or the Academy of Natural Sciences.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Select type of person Yes Yes Yes
Phone person Yes Yes Yes
Email person Yes Yes Yes
Show on map Yes Yes Yes
Add to contacts Yes Yes Yes

Food and Shopping

List merchants who accept the DragonCard, provide contact and hours information, display menus where available.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Food and shopping categories Yes Yes Yes
Merchant subcategories No No Yes
Open/closed indicator on list Yes Yes +Time bar
Hans & Club menus Yes Yes Yes
Full/Vegetarian/Vegan menus Yes Yes Yes
Full nutritional information Yes Yes Yes
Menus for additional restaurants Some Some Some
Show on map Yes Yes Yes
Add to contacts Yes Yes Yes


Shuttle bus schedules with GPS-enhanced walking time+distance estimates.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Quick view of upcoming buses Yes Yes Yes
GPS walking time estimate Yes Yes Yes
Full schedule of each route Yes Yes Yes

News and Events

Campus events calendar selectable by event category and sub-category. Feature stories from Drexel Now and news from The Triangle.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Two-week view of events Yes Yes +Filtering
Selectable by event categories Yes Yes Yes
Drexel Now feature stories Yes Yes Yes
News from The Triangle Yes Yes Yes


News about the Drexel Dragons, scores from recent Dragons games, and upcoming events with home games highlighted.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
News by sport/topic Yes Yes Yes
Recent scores Yes Yes +Date range
Upcoming games Yes Yes +Date range

Candid Campus

DrexelOne's photo-of-the-day and alternate caption diversion.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Recent photos archive Yes Yes Yes
Submit photo and caption No No Yes
Write alternate captions No No Yes
Vote on alternate captions No No Yes

Candid Question

DrexelOne's poll-of-the-day and commenting diversion.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Recent polls archive Yes Yes Yes
Answer the poll No No Yes
Write comments Yes No Yes
Rate others' comments Yes No Yes


Additional functions pertaining to app settings or the app itself rather than the services that it accesses.

Function Android iPhone/iPad WinPhone
Privacy PIN for personal data No No Yes
Feature request/bug report Yes Yes Yes
Report unexpected quits Yes Yes Yes
Release notes/update notices Yes No Yes
Remember settings on logout No No Yes
Live Tile/Widget No N/A Yes
Enhanced offline use Yes No Yes

What if I have ideas for new functions?

Then you shouldn't keep them to yourself! Visit our suggestions website to let us know what you're thinking. Be sure to look to see if someone else already had a similar idea; if so, throw some of your votes behind that idea to help it achieve critical mass and add a comment to explain your unique twist on it.

The suggestions website is the chief way that IRT prioritized user suggestions for new functions. You can expect that we'll typically respond within a day of your suggestions, that we'll ask follow-up questions to get a better understanding of what you seek, and that we may engage you in a "great debate" about why your idea would have benefit to many people and why a mobile phone is the right place for such a feature. Together, we can vet the idea and decide how to handle it.